Corbyn: UK could keep Trident submarines but without warheads

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by notafourknotfudgepacker, Jan 17, 2016.

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    A novel concept; replace Trident but don't fit those nasty warheads to the missiles! Who would know and everyone gets to keep their jobs - complete genius or barking madness; discuss.
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  2. He is mad. This is priceless,:)
  3. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    I seem to recall the LibDems proposing something like: patrol without missiles/warheads. Only arm if the international situation warms up.

    Where to begin?
  4. Absolutely Barking Mad. He does not have a clue.

    Ballistic Missile Submarine with out missiles = waste of money and manpower

    Just like his idea to stop firms not paying the 'working' wage (not the minimum wage) from paying dividends!!! Firms stop paying out to investors, investors stop investing, firm goes bust, more on the dole, also a lot of the money invested comes from pension funds, pension funds doe not get their dividends, who suffers then.

    The Idiot cannot see a the repercussions of his brainwaves!
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  5. facepalm9.jpg
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  6. No warheads then no requirement for dirty unwashed sailors, mans a crunt!
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  7. It's quite obvious to all that Corbyn is mad as a hatter. What he needs is a ride in an ambulance with those nice men in white coats.
  8. We could have Infantry Battalions without live ammunition, too. And RLC without trucks, and perhaps medics with no field dressings, the possibilities are endless. How about carrier without strike jets?

    Actually, pretend I did not mention that last one.....
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  9. His original plan was to send the missiles to sea and keep the bombers alongside.
    Didn't quite work.
    Jeremy Gashbin probably stops halfway through a **** just to see himself off as well.
  10. I sat open mouthed listening to Corbyn's drivel waiting for him to break into a grin and say he was joking. The BBC reporter said she thought this brought a whole new dimension to the argument. No it doesn't. No doubt the Corbyn faithful will be delighted with this "own a gun with no ammunition" idea as will would be enemies.
  11. Could this be the answer to the US gun control problem? Congress could enact legislation permitting unlimited sales of weapons but make it illegal to possess even the smallest quantity of ammunition.

    By Corbyn's reckoning, privately-owned guns would still act as a deterrent against the bad guys but, even better, such action would pre-empt any NRA argument about the citizens' right to keep and bear arms; they'd just be unloaded.
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  12. To be fair to that cretin Corbyn he did say Nuclear Warheads
  13. Love it! Made me chuckle.

    He is the gift that keeps giving.

    Cameron must have spent a significant portion of his personal wealth voting for that clown.

    Wednesdays PMQ's could be an interesting session
  14. What I would find worrying about this,is not His hilarious wibblings.But the fact that I think a country needs a serious and functioning opposition to have a true democracy. I hope Labour gets its act together before the Tories f**k it up as they inevitably eventually will. Not just because they're Conservatives. Its the fate of any party in power too long.
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  15. Quite agree Sarking, the biggest favour Labour did for the Tories was voting this crazy bastard in as their leader.
  16. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Anyone see Emily Thornberry on the Sunday Politics, afterwards?

    It emerges she (who is also 'Lady Nugee' ... and sends her kids to private school, like) managed to get herself in such a tangle over her alleged connections with that law firm chasing squaddies on behalf of Iraqis. Andrew Neill ranged that they'd contributed to her campaign fund. She admitted they'd sent her interns. Nowt wrong there, then, eh? Oh, and she won't be sending the money back. Apparently she's also claimed she has an 'Honorary Lt Colonel' rank. Anyone? Me neither. She has also (reading her cv) had not on bollock pubes experience in defence, yuuman rights and housing has been her bag in the past. The crowning turd in the watercloset (qv) was when Neill probed her on Trident, where she clearly had not on clue what Corbyn had declared an hour earlier on Marr about the warheads full of goodwill and leaflets. Not. A. Clue. She's meant to be producing a policy paper on defence and said 'it will take as long as it takes'. I can't wait. They might as well get Viz to co-author it. And take your time love. The election isn't for another four years. Neill also cornered her on another matter whereby she squirmed out by claining 'legal priviledge' over the facts. This is the woman who posted the St Georges Flag tweet about Rochester, a woman there by pure dint of Blair's sexist 'all women shortlists'.

    The tories must be laughing their backsides off. If you want good government, you need credible opposition. Corbyn is pathetic and so is his cabinet.

    Last edited: Jan 18, 2016
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  17. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Where does the Labour peer Admiral Lord West stand on this?
  18. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Keeping his well-pensioned head down, I expect. Anyone with good intent and that cahoonas of a bull elephant would possibly go public and rubbish the Corbynistas and dismatle his argument from the bottom up.

    There's a good point in the notion of not replacing Trident. But it has to be underpinned by logic, good reason and have credible strategic alternatives attached to it. The left will cite 'the Japanese Model' or 'the bomb in the basement' - i.e. we retain our capability to 'redevelop' the nuclear deterrent. I'm not enirely convinced Corbyn has thought the viability of this throughout the three pillars of economics, politics and military which support our democratic political structure.

  19. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    That's the big problem in my reasoning also. As much as many deluded people laud Thatcher, she was setting this country on course for one almighty crash and fall out with Europe. She was also generating gigantic wealth differentiation in this country, manifesting a mindset of horrendous greed and selfishness and this was unopposed ... the opposition benches were split, fighting amongst themselves and looking less and less electable. Thatcher and her progeny were loving it and their arrogance was looking bad for us all as every contentious policy was practically unopposed. The Tory back benchers did more regulating than Labour did. And it all stems from the ridiculous cabal of out-of-touch lefties which Thatcher put to bed in 1979. Their scourge on the party lasted 18 years and it was only when Major's party became ossified with sleaze and the country was charmed by the slimy liar that they switched sides. We are now really back in May 1983 by comparison. What a sad time for us all.

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