Coppers, gays and Jesus.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Shakey, Jul 21, 2006.

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  1. So does the Christian Police Assoc just forgive Murderers and rapists saying"Forgive them Lord,for they know not what they do?"

    I also saw that some Church controlled school has banned the song Imagine by John Lennon!!!!!Its just kin crazy!
  2. fundamentalism in all it's guises is damn ugly mate, don't do it.....everything in moderation......except prehaps beer :)
  3. It is an interesting battle which I have been following for some time. The Gay Police Association (GPA) interestingly point out that an Officer would not be allowed to use British National Party (BNP) membership to justify making what are, after all, ideological statements, etc about black police personnel, yet interestingly enough the BNP have for some time been claiming that their beliefs merely articulate scripture, which of course might mean discriminating against BNP Police Officers in future could be seen as a faith human rights issue! I jest not.

    The Evangelical Alliance (EAUK) statement is also interesting, but it should be borne in mind that they are currently revising their guidelines Faith, Hope and Homosexuality(first published in 1998) and some specific claims made by some Christians about gays have been strongly criticised as unworthy of a Christian. However I notice that the Christian Police Association (CPA) have stated that they are a member of the Evangelical Alliance. This somewhat undermines their position. The following document on the EAUK's website illustrates my point. They claim that they are opposed to discrimination, etc against anyone because of their sexual orientation, but their problem is with homosexual practice. They then undermine their claim to be opposed to discrimination by asserting that most Christians do not regard sexual orientation as being any different from practice - a choice rather than an innate characteristic. Read the preample for yourself, see what you think.

    There does appear to be a conflict of interest in membership of the CPA and serving and protecting the whole community, which appears to conflict with one of the CPA's own stated principles on ethical values. How can you hope to get gay victims of homophobic crime to report an offence when the officer receiving their call may be a CPA member who may feel obliged to 'demonstrate their adherence to biblical ethics', the same Biblical ethics which call for gays to be killed. It is very difficult to square this Biblical command with crime prevention or providing a balanced and fair service to all members of the community. Also the EAUK point out that in the last census, 70% of the population claimed to be Christian. They assert that this means most of these people share their agenda, which is questionable. The CPA contests the GPA's assertion that most homophobic crime reported in the Metropolitan Police area was faith-based hate crime. Perhaps they ought to study Scottish crime statistics for the last few years. I have been informed that there is a clear correlation between intense antigay religious discourse by the churches and an increase in reported homophobic crime, though of course there may be other reasons for this increase in reporting, to be fair. But it is rather interesting that antigay crime has a tendency to increase whenever there is antigay religious rhetoric, be it by Christian or other religious leaders. What other explanation might there be or is it a conspiracy by Christophobes?
  4. Having had some difficulty in following some of AACs bit through the liberal use of TLAs, I would suggest that perhaps much of the xxxbashing crime is more a fashion statement than anything else. It would be interesting to look at the correlation of such crimes and news reporting as I suspect that if there is an anti gay report on the news the mindless yob is lokely to indulge in a bit of gay bashing, if instead there is some anti muslim piece then some muslim is in for bother that night, and then of course there is happy slapping if it is a quiet news night.

  5. That's quite possible Peter. That's why I allowed for other possible explanations - you never know with variations in reported crime: is it more publicity, a greater trust in the police by a traditionally wary group, are the police targetting that sort of crime at that given moment, etc. Incidentally, what does TLA stand for: I take it that it is one of those text message short-hand things? :lol: Do you mean that I've used abbreviations without explanations?* If so, apologies Peter. I need to get out more and mix with normal people (ie non-intellectuals)! :oops:

    *Have corrected text above.
  6. TLA - Three Letter Acronym.

  7. My god, after reading that it looks as if the mob has out of this sorry mess quite lightly.
  8. Just wait until these fundamentalist christians set up a similar 'club' for the services. There are work based 'christian' organisations appearing all over the place.

  9. Doesn't anyone else think its effing funny that the PC brigade are turning in on themselves? Saw this last week and PMSL. :twisted:
  10. I would never classify fundamentalista and evangelical christians as PC, the very opposite in fact.

  11. "He also called the GPA "Christianphobic", prompting a Met Police investigation into whether the advert constituted a faith crime"

    Here we have one special interest group using new labour PC legislation (designed to protect religious people from attack) against another new labour favourite special interest group, gays and lesbians. Fundamentally bad laws are being proved to be incompatible with each other and with the principles of free speech within the body that is supposed to enforce these laws. You must at least admit to chuckle at the irony? I saw this on Arrse last week and it made me laugh and it still does, a week later.
  12. Religion is the cause of 99% of wars - and 100% of unthinking (ie doing what the bloke in the hat/beard/mitre says) bigotry. Abolish the lot of them, that what I say.
  13. And have people think for themselves? Are you some sort of commie pinko? Or are you suggessting that we have people doing what the man with the peaked cap and pace stick says? :wink:
  14. The Chops M told me to pass on his opinion (which, incidentally, is never wrong) that "The pace stick is a sign of wisdom, justice and power, much like a Roman fasces, or a monarch's orb and sceptre. NOW GET BACK ON THE PARADE GROUND ... ONE ... TWO ... ONE ... TWO" etc
  15. Surely you mean DUFFT, DITE, DUFFT, DITE...
    Imagine if Chops Ms did run the country. Drill every day, just the thought gives me a tingly feeling :twisted:

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