Coppers beat up Pongo

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by JC-RN, Nov 30, 2008.

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  1. Did anyone see the Pongo getting a kicking from the Coppers on ITV news tonight?? :threaten:
  2. No. Tell us more!

  3. Thanks JC. Certainly an eye-opener (or closer, I suppose, if you're on the wrong end). If it is as stated, then the police officers involved should be subjected to the FULL rigour of the law, with no excuses.
    I'm a great supporter of the police, but there are certain elements today who seem to think they are above the law.

  4. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Hmmmmmm,,,pissed up bloke standing in the middle of a road speaking/shouting at 3 police officers, probably swearing or I suspect the officers would have asked him to move off the road. Tries to run away but falls over himself. The 3 officers try to handcuff him and he bites one of them. I also suspect at this point and I'm speculating, he is resisting arrest but you can't see whats going on because the officer who was bit, blocks the view. The 20 stoner then hits him in an attempt to subdue and handcuff him.
    I can see two charges, resisting arrest and assault on a police officer. Probably the first charge could be breach of the peace, followed by evading arrest (if theres such a crime) but tripping over his own feet blew that one.

    I'm sorry if no one agrees, but my heart pumps purple piss. The police have a hard enough job dealing with the pissed up jackasses every week in this country, that IMO, reports like this just make there job harder.

    The title of this topic should be "drunk, little worst for wear, bites copper whilst resisting arrest and recieves a few scrapes on his face".
  5. you ever heard of policemen being bullied schoolkids? this is their way of payback and dont get the same recognition as the forces because they dont go to iraq and ghan... and saying its a news report (full of sh^t usually) I have seen police brutality and had it myself and can believe it
  6. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    So your mindset is what, most police officers were picked on at school and therefore in an attempt to get one up on the bully they join the police? Once they have become police officers they think to themselves I should have joined the forces and went into a warzone?

    I would like to think your drunk to be dribbling utter crap like you have, but I suspect your the kind of person the police have to deal with each and every day. Please enlighten me and anyone reading this the brutality you have been witness to and been on the recieving end of.
  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    A good proportion of Police Officers have served in the Forces, not so many now as in my time in but still a fair few.
  8. In your opinion are all sailors Gay and do all Gingers stink of fox p1ss?
  9. There are bad eggs in every organisation.
  10. I am not happy about the fist going in when he is on the floor from the hobby bobby thought the elite Community Support Ossifers had replaced the hobby bobby.

    The Gardai over here. A Gard was out on the town and was involved in a fight he came worse of. They found out the name of the assailant and six off duty Gardai paid him a visit. I think they are now all unemployed!

    There are good cops and bad cops.
  11. Looks like extremely biased reporting by the Miror.
    If the guy had behaved himself when told he would have probably been given a bollocking and sent on his way.
    But he had to set himself up as the big man and suffered the consequences.
    On this site we are biased towards service personnel (rightly so) but don't forget mot everyone wearing the uniform is as good as gold (this includes the police uniform).
  12. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    I partially agree but having just watched the CCTV footage, the number of punches, slaps and knocks he received AFTER he was restrained and secured was OTT in the extreme.

    In particular the constable on the far left who threw in 8 head punches seemed to be enjoying it. I would like to see him defend his actions, it cannot in anyway shape or form be self-defence, it looks more akin to assault.

    Sorry to say that because I would normally stand up for the police, but not this time.
  13. It did seem extreme - but it didn't show what went on before, so personally I wouldn't judge.
    If that incident was as it appeared, then chuck the book at the copper involved.

    Mattbea - Sorry mate but not all coppers were bullied at school! Nor did they do the bullying before you say it, there are some damn good coppers about but like everything its the dodgy ones that get all the press attention.

    If you were on the end of Police brutality - I would ask what you did, but then do doubt you were an innocent little angel. :pukel:
  14. mattbea - I have injured someone whilst attempting to restrain them but It was never my intention, but if they hadn't been fighting and had done as they were told, it wouldn't have happened. Did he complain? Of course. Was it concluded he was a gobby little twerp, who thought he could be smart just because it was 2 women trying to arrest him? YES!
    So who's at fault me or him?
  15. The judge did and concluded that the magistrates were wrong.
  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Force can and will be used by police officers to detain suspects and to prevent the commision of further offences, or in extreme cases, for self-defence. Verbal reasoning is the first course of action in any situation and I am positive the officers concerned will have attempted to speak to the suspect before the situation escalated.

    Regrettably CCTV cannot record what was said by those involved. CCTV is only one piece of evidence which can prove or disprove someone's involvement in an alleged offence; the officers' and witnesses testimony will also be considered before the judge reaches a decision. Sorry shipmate, but no sympathy from this callsign... and the fact that he was a member of the Armed Forces is not relevant. Another emotive angle on a relatively mundane and all to common story...

    Unless you've been in a similar public order situation yourself, I doubt many of you can comment on how you would deal with someone like that, in similar circumstances. I have unfortunately had to resort to physical force to detain suspects which has sometimes resulted in them receiving minor injuries. Did I go on duty with any intent to cause them harm? Of course not; 99% of the time the suspect is compliant and gets in the cage without resistance. Unfortunately one or two individuals think they can get away with it and kick off, which all too often ends in them getting manhandled roughly (and in accordance with Home Office rules) until they are in a place of safe custody. If they had done as instructed then that wouldn't have happened. You would be surprised by the number of apparently sensible and mature people who assume a totally different character when they've had a beer and decide the vent their self-perceived frustration at whoever is nearby (i.e. another random customer, doorman, man in the kebab shop or predictably, a police officer on duty).
  17. I had every sympathy with the coppers until I saw the video. deliberatly abrading the guys face on the tarmac definately falls into the category of btutality, and only erodes our confidence in our lawkeepers further.
  18. SPB
    If we are going to start insisting the people have relevant knowledge or experience of a subject before we can comment on RR, at least half the current membership will have to leave :dwarf:

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