Coping with PTSD

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by stan_the_man, Jul 9, 2012.

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  1. Guys
    I was never a wimp but fcuk me did I suffer massively from Post Traumatic Stress more so after I left the service support was minimal and I really didn't want to talk to anyone who hadn't suffered similar experiences to mine Combat Stress, fcuking shite, NHS even worse but you have to move on and like losing limbs learn to live with it almost 5 years since I left after 35 years, Falklands, 2 Gulf wars I had to give myself a serious talking too as a result I do ok, good job never been off sick earn a better salary than I did as a WO1 working 2 days a week.
    I can't stand the though of looking to the state to support me and my family, self pride, family support and motivation have been my real asset. Please don't get me wrong I have some really really bad days especially when dealing with some of the civvy tossers I have to work with but hey ho I know in my heart I am a better more compassionate individual than they can ever hope to be.
    My message here is there is a way out - avoid the triggers that make the dreams so vivid don't watch documentaries on tv knowing they will annoy and aggitate you move on love your family and embrace the fact that you are still here and probably a much more caring compassionate individual than most,
    Please pm me for advice and or support.
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  2. Stan I am still working on project on combat stress. I applaud you for speaking out on the subject.

    My step father suffered PTDS he was ex RAF but like you he came out he other side. Life is never easy.
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  3. Get on Sarah
    Life has been difficult , but neither me or wifey do the sympathy shite, did the armed forces day in Plymouth last week marched with the Falklands vets how the fcuk I ended up with the Bootnecks I don't know great day didn't feel bad just sad till my first pint of guiness then I just enjoyed myself wallowing in nostalgia and knowing I'm in a better place. All the best for the future
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  4. Stan been there. Like you say - you have to move on and like you I had a good chat with myself and decided to face it head. It took 24 years for my problem to come out, (Lockerbie), triggered by work but opened up things locked away for a long time. Don't think a good street brawl could have knocked me down so effectively. Learned to talk about it now and although I still get effected a bit it ain't so bad as it was. And my experience with the NHS CBT was excellent.
  5. For lots of reasons I didn't really engage with Combat Stress the 2 guys I had interviews with both army and had never served outside of Germany or UK not anyone I could relate too just jobs for the boys at retired Lt Cdr level worst thing they had experienced was a broken nose in pub brawl. Got lots of dits I now find humour in the trauma I experienced and how I behaved god I don't believe in him but hey ho hope I end up in heaven.
  6. Good to see you back Stan.
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  7. Ha ha Love you Wrecker got to meet up. Tommy at the barber shop does me bonnet Wheelers refurbished see you soon I'm the handsome twat with normal hair and a ready smile
  8. Don't forget the fat wallet, and a certain cox'n (ex-writer) of our mutual acquaintance has moved to St Austell, I don't think my local is going to last long with the resultant drop in sales.
  9. What the fcuk is he doing in Staustell or freakville thats real banjo playing country why are some of the kids 6ft tall at 5 years old with those cross eyes and shiteating slobbering mouths - still bet he fits in straight away
  10. Mate been there and done that I have been out 8 years now and still have night mares it changed be as a person I now have a temper from hell. I have tried to come terms with it but it's a hard slog I went from being the dad that did every thing to mr evil not good at all.i found out that I had ms a few years ago that did not help,
    my life is now go to work come home have tea and in bed by 7 it's shit but that's life. I do better each day,
  11. George Carroll - Telegraph
    This brave man diagnosed PTSD in 2008 following flashbacks and bad dreams according to the Obits. Probably coped the same as most others, all brave men
  12. That was me a couple of years ago pissing it up feeling like shit about myself and treating my wife and daughter very badly. I seem to have found a better place at the moment but I know it can all come crashing down in an instant, life is a struggle but I have a good job, self employed plus a generous pension I tolerate the dreams but tend to be very emotional I no longer talk about what I experienced when I did I rather felt the person I was talking too didn't have a fcuking clue so now I just zip lip. Ignorance is bliss I suppose. Me I can be a ****** but I'm living with it now dreams are a regular event but I have learnt to put on an act that Stan is full of fun and a jack the lad.
    I met some lovely guys a couple of years ago when I got involved with the Not Forgotten Charity all disabled ex servicemen, I went on a weeks outdoor activities on Exmoor and lo and behold the Combat Stress boys were there as well. I was outside the main building and overheard them talking whilst they were having a quick smoke and heard them boasting to each other about free flights to the Falklands and other freebies it made me sick to my stomach. Last weekend on the Hoe on armed forces day I ended up with the 40 Cmdo boys that were down South in 82 with me some of them were mad as hatters and we had a great time. No PTSD by their behaviour but by fcuk was I laughing my cock off with them (the hip flask helped).
    Take care shippers it can get better.
  13. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    It's a difficult thing and hard to explain to those that haven't been there as it were. I've heard many positive things about Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and how that can assist and it's something i've yet to try myself. The biggest problem is not recognising the signs as this can lead to a frigging meltdown. Help is out there though.

    Oh and Stan, welcome back you ******.
  14. Ta mate
    No snags just mega busy lately, fcuking house is a money pit. Missus lost her jobs so she,s on my back were before I could sit at my laptop most days and spin dits.

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