Copied from USCG post - need help in translation, Norwegian to English..maritime

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by squidman, Feb 10, 2012.

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  1. Forgive newb questions.

    As far as I know, the first to translate in depth higher level maritime courses from norwegian to english. Here in Norway, the expertise is high, but the english knowledge is low...and I'm not a sailor! So have sent off emails to USCG, USN, Royal Navy, norwegian equivalents, etc, looking for bilingual people with 'the knowledge', but striking out so far. Mostly problems with idiomatic norwegian, and as regards SAR/rescue etc...and (only in Norway!) the construction/handling of norwegian boats dating to the last century (don't ask!).

    Especially current best practice regarding SAR (from the boaters' perspective) would be especially useful.

    Any suggestions/contacts are more than welcome! This is for webcourses from simple fishing tourism to full fledged ICC/yacht-master (UK) level courses, with everything from simple 'do not stand up in a rowboat' to using torpedo-firing solutions (have an older retd Commander helping me! don't know if one still actually uses manoeuvring board boards these days, but will tell you spent a lot of "#ยค"# time on them!) [​IMG]

    Thanks guys, and of course tight lines! for those of you into fishing...

    and of course - surf/sail/swim between the flags...[​IMG]
  2. Please forgive me for being a complete and utter moron but you did say "Forgive newb questions" and I cant seem to derive from any of the utter drivel what your actually asking.

    What the bloody hell are you asking?
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  3. Well for a starter you could be polite! As this is my 2nd language! And if you read through the post, you would see that I'm asking for contacts/forums where I could possibly receive help regarding translation for webcourses from Norwegian to English, especially regarding ICC/UK yacht-master level courses! Furthermore, as I've been to Ivy league at grad school level and you are...whatever...some respect would be nice! I don't expect the likes of you and your buddies to fully understand what it's like to be an entrepreneur/founder, however, some common courtesy would be apprecieated. Not least your reply doesn't reflect well on your forum members...

    It's been a late night for me too! but that's rather par for the course for those of us risking capital etc as opposed to retired people with nothing better to do..

    Now take a chill pill, read through my post again and iff you can come with some constructive criticism...


    PS your avatar/forum name is appropriate....
    PPS - this is a knee-jerk reaction to an obnoxious post...after yet another long night...however, I sincerely welcome all constructive criticism, suggestions, etc. I have the utmost respect for forum members and those who are retirees from RN/USN...
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  4. To make it clear (in plain text, as not all of us have Ivy League/Oxbridge)..sic..

    Looking for bilingual Norwegian/English people for help with maritime translation, for courses at ICC level. Cannot guarantee monies at this point (startup), possibly some rather nebulous promises of equity. However, links to helpful contacts/forums would be appreciated. At some point (mid? late? 2012) possibility for suitably qualified person to obtain contract for quality assurance (pay negotiable) reading over english version of ICC web-course.

    Please respond suitably (not like previous poster!).

    PM if interested.
  5. Squidman,

    I work in Norway and have lived there 20 years,i have a Yachtmaster ocean course behind me,taken in Norway,but you aint getting any help from me ,ya stuck up ****,
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  6. Yes it does, it's funny. Now **** off you dull ****.
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  7. I....I...I'm completely gobsmacked. I thought I was being polite, relatively. Still, it's nice that you like my forum name and avatar. I like it too.

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  8. Was going to respond but methinks my fellow Rum Rationers have said it all really.

    Squidman you are obviously educated. We now know that, now piss off and show off some place else.
  9. Bugger off! I've had some awesome ideas for Dragon's Den in my time :D. I know several Oxbridge grads, and they are capable of discussion without being snobby arses about it, so why can't you?

    I'm something of the opposite of retired, I'll have you know. And I lent a fiver to my sister yesterday!

    Right, that's my 2p thrown in. I'm off to go and read something intelligent to flush out this drivel. Actually, I can't find anything intelligent enough to wash it out. *Gets Viz out*
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  10. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Norwegian eh?

    Don't suppose you've got a sister that fancies a bum? Failing that, is your mother free a week Tuesday?

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