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I love films. I also love (most) film soundtracks. While recuperating yesterday, I watched "The Thin Red Line" on Sky; seen it many times and I am still moved by this wonderful score, but specifically this piece, which is probably familiar to many people:

"Journey to the Line" - Hans Zimmer (The Thin Red Line OST)

Anyone else have a favourite original pieces of film soundtrack (i.e. not music 'inspired by' or 'heard in the background in the cafe scene...')?


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The music to the TV series 'Band of Brothers' is just fantastic. I also agree with tiddlyoggy that the Gladiator soundtrack is something special.
I'm wondering whether it is becoming less common for a film to have a complete score written for it nowadays; if you look at the closing credits today you will often see a long list of the tracks used plus copyrights and it's generally already existing tracks; if you buy a soundtrack CD, there's often a small percentage of actual score and ten or so tracks brought in from other sources to act as incidental music to the film.
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