Cooking under fire

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by dapperdunn, Jun 6, 2016.

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  1. Your one stop shop for all things food and cooking related, whilst being shot at by the enemy. o_O
  2. Can I have a tube of jam and a tube of condensed milk please? Breakfast on the move as I recall!
  3. Perhaps I could change it to cooking in the fryer, then we could talk about Jack's favourite food, chips. :)
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  5. Can you make it hotter than the sun (temp) and make me eat it at mach 10 with a plastic spoon :(

  6. Ah, NOW you're talking!!

    Remember when RN plc tried to limit Jack's intake of chips? That worked well.............
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  7. Ahhh, action messing. :p
  8. How about a slab of pussers beeswax, sorry, I meant mouse trap cheese, for 9 o'clockers ?
  9. Same film :-

    "How's the food been since we've been alongside?"

    "A lot better since the cooks been on leave sir"
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  10. Oh I love my Figgy Duff

  11. Thereby displaying your first error...

    Cooking OVER the fire will help it warm much, much quicker...
  12. Who needs "Fire" they have dehydration lamps, sorry heat lamps on the counters
  13. You'd soon moan if it was both cold and shit!
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  14. Delicious.

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  15. Looks delightful!
  16. Thought you were going to say "looks familiar" ;)
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  17. Dashing around the Channel at speeds in excess of 40knots, on Brave Borderer, bouncing from wave-top to wave-top, chef could knock-up a boiled egg curry + rice + chips as if we were swanning around the Med, in a flat calm!!
    Now that's what you can call fast food!!
  18. Cooking under fire?Thats grilling. Isn't it? Still.Hard to beat a good Ham Sandwich.. Ham S.jpg
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  19. Mmmm Bacon (grilled under fire)[​IMG]

    Eggs over fire ;)
  20. All those curries and fried eggs could cause a backfire....
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