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Cooking oil used on Subs


Lantern Swinger
Can any serving or ex chef submariners answer a question by one of my civvy mates.
He said that in the USN the submarine service uses a peanut oil based cooking oil in its fries as it produces very little smoke and has a very high flash point, so it's obviously less of a fire risk.
My question is does the RN submarines use the same or something similar?
Said I would try and find out

Thanks in advance


War Hero
Book Reviewer
In my experience, I left in 2004, Surface ships and boats both used the same oil to cook with. I've worked in the TVO in Guzz on 2 seperate occasions and both times we used to order the same product.
I've never heard of anyone mentioning the smoke/flash point of cooking oil before when purchasing oils.


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FYI :)


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Would use of peanut oil not be a risk potential for anaphylactic shock though? I see on the chart that sunflower oil has a higher smoke point by around 10degC, so would that not be the preferred option?


Lantern Swinger
Thanks for all the replies especially dapperdunn for his chart
It was just a question my mate asked, I don't know if he's just spinning a line about the USN, but from the chart sunflower oil looks better.
Thanks again
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