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The Rupali in Newcastle has served ''Curry Hell'' since '87, AKA 'Magmaloo'

[h=2]Dare you take the world famous Curry Hell Challenge.....?[/h][h=3]"The hottest curry I've ever tasted"[/h]- Gordon Ramsey, Cook Along Live 2008Curry Hell is the world's hottest curry and was first introduced by Abdul Latif in 1987. The dish is a combination of chillies, chicken and our very own secret ingredient to help give that extra kick!
To give you an idea of how hot the Curry Hell dish is, Vindaloo tastes like ice cream in comparison and chef Gordon Ramsey as declared it as the hottest curry he's ever tasted!
If YOU manage to eat Curry Hell, you get it for free and receive a signed certificate. Your picture will be taken by the management in recognition of your spectacular achievement, and it will also be displayed on our website.
[h=3]FRIENDLY WARNING[/h]If you become ill due to the consumption of Curry Hell, or if you find that you are experiencing any problems with your lover(s), you are under no circumstances entitled to blame the Rupali or any member of its staff.
If you die whilst eating, or as a direct result of eating the curry, your next of kin will incur the cost of your meal.
A full portion of Curry Hell costs £9.95
A half portion is £5.95, as a taster only, and does not qualify as the Curry Hell Challenge.
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