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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by 306dturbo, Mar 21, 2016.

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  1. This is by no means inspired by the recent articles about mouldy eggs and raw chicken served at Army bases lol but I've been meaning to post about it lately

    Are there facilities available for one to cook their own meals and store their food? At the shore establishments of course obviously not whilst deployed.

    A friend in the RAF told me they have communal kitchens in their block etc but wasn't sure if it's the same in the RN

  2. Out of phase 2 training, you can but what you get differs from base to base.
  3. Here's the article:
    Having looked at the photos, I have an explanation for some of the photos. Not excuses (not that I have to) but an explanation.

    The eggs are not mouldy.
    The fried eggs have been cooked in a black iron pan that has not been dried properly. The 'mould', is just a discoloration from the pan. I've never seen an egg that came mouldy out of its shell.
    The 'mould' in the boiled egg, are just blood spots that you find sometimes in eggs. They go that colour when cooked.
    The chicken is not raw. It's just a discolouration from where the meat has been cooked on the bone. This normally occurs after the chicken has been frozen. When it's defrosted colour from the bone marrow leaches out and colours the meat next to the bone.
    The apple is rotten in the middle. Shit happens. Fruit isn't x-rayed.

    Sandwiches and over cooked jacket potato. No excuse, poor training.

    Unidentifiable pudding. I have no idea what this is, so I make no comment.

    Enjoy your lunch lads :)
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  4. I have been in accommodation that has had hobs, convection ovens and microwaves, but then I've also been in accommodation that hasn't even had a communal room in the entire block. It varies wildly from excellent to awful.

    As for the food, evening meals aside (which are routinely awful but adequate) the biggest issue I have is with the 'healthy choice' No you sodexo ****, a white baguette smeared in margarine and filled with egg mayonaisse where the mayonaisse constitutes 90% of said filling is not the healthy option.

    In all honesty though, I don't remember it being any better prior to PAYD.
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  5. Thats what you get when you privatise/tender meals ashore. how are we going to re-train our chef's/cook's after a period ashore, I have sampled the fare from the senior rates mess HMS Nelson and thought it piss poor ,put our people back in the job they trained for.
  6. It was always shit. Let's not pretend it wasn't.
  7. Not always. Some of us have standards.
  8. You could not fault morning watch keepers breakfast on a ship, and in my 26 years in had some excellent grub.
  9. I know some of you boys and girls are champion turd polishers, but your skills only extend so far. Whilst Sodexo et al ARE utter bum fondlers and deserve to be brought to task for the dump they provide, it's not like every meal was the tops prior to them coming on the scene.

    I've had some pussers food that has been excellent at top tables and dining ins, but evening meals onboard and ashore have always, always been awful.

    Not your fault.

    No accounting for taste.
  10. Standards must have slipped then Monty , only gash scran I ever had was Sultan , the rest was tip top ashore and afloat.
  11. True sultan 70's piss poor Invincible 1St commission the best, 2nd best 1st commission Manchester, Sweeper scran not bad only one choice like it or lump it but generally well cooked!
  12. Ship wise Fife was bloody good , best RN scran I ever had was Terror Barracks.
  13. Good and bad in all my drafts, Only complained once though, every choice for lunch and evening meal had cheese. I DO NOT EAT CHEESE it makes I barf, hooky behind the counter 'that's life in a blue suit scribes' I asked him what his views on life in a blue suit were like when his pay got fooked up? I'll whip you something up scribes he says.

    CPO caterer gets to hear about it, box of biccies and crisps sent to the office as an apology :)
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  14. Might have only complained once, but was know to drip like a tap about the scran on occasion :)

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