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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by PERCY09, Aug 16, 2009.

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  1. I have a couple of minor things on my record. im just unsure what im supposed to write on the form, or if I have to write them down at all.

    I have a conviction for assault. i was found guilty at trial but i was admonished as the judge knew i was goaded into it. will i have to put that down? if so do i just write "assault"

    Any info appreciated
  3. Nothing mate :angel12: :angel7: :angel5:

    Just looks like your application is gonna face a few hurdles
  4. I posted it here as I didnt know what section it should have been in. Im only asking for some help & information since that is one of the main purposes of the site. Some people need to get there head out of their arses
  5. If there are any previous threads on this subject could someone please post a link. I have been looking but I cant find any & the search function aint working.
  6. I think that's 3 grounds you'll get rejected on:

    medical liability
    an actual liability
    & failure to notice "please write down ALL convictions" on the form your filling out

    Newbies forum - FAQs top of the page.

    I believe admonishment is equivalent to absolute discharge under English Law so your rehabilitation period will be 6 months. You are, under normal circumstances, not able to apply to join the armed forces during this time.
  8. Here you go - the aims of the site...can't seem to see the word help anywhere... :lol: It does mention complete bullshit though, which is nice. :)
  9. Thank you. It dosent appear that my record will be a problem as it was a couple of years ago
  10. Well theres plenty of bullshit comes from you.

  11. Nice. You'll go far. See you when you get here.
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  13. Where did you find that pic of Rumrat :D :D :D
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    He sent me one of you Chris,

  15. Percy09

    OK, so we are talking Scots Law here. To the best of my knowledge, when a client is "Admonished", the conviction becomes spent after 6 months.

    If you read through the form you have been given to complete (Rehabilitation of Offenders) (MoD Form 493), it says that, if you are applying for certain jobs and you have a spent conviction, you should declare it. If this applies to you, declare this as a Spent Conviction.
  16. i understand that i must list them, the form i have only has a tear off slip which must be returned, it just has a box with 4 or 5 lines on it. the problem is do i just simply write assault on the slip? or do i need to get \any kind of police report etc......... i cant remember the dates etc either

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