Converting Region 2 DVDs to Region 1

Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by exspy, Nov 1, 2007.

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  1. Folks,

    I really enjoy watching British films and television programs. The problem is not all of my favourites are available on Region 1 DVDs. Any ideas on how to convert a region 2 DVD to region 1? I'm sure there is a way to do this, I just can't figure out how.

    So far only the first season of 'Sweeney' is available on region 1, so you can understand my dilemma. I'm also looking to be able to watch the following;
    'Carrington V.C.' (1955),
    'The League of Gentlemen' (1959) and
    'A Prize of Arms' (1962), amongst others.

    All are only available on region 2 DVD.

    Any advice is welcome.

  2. How do you mean mate?
    Re-record the DVD as region 1, or unlock your player to play ALL DVDs ?
  3. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I'm fairly sure every DVD player is actually manufactured as a multi-region player limited by the firmware programmed into the machine. This firmware can simply be reprogrammed by applying a hack. Try this website, look up your DVD player and simply click on the hack then apply it, et voila multi-region. Linky Thing
  4. lamri,

    Excellent question. I never thought that I could unlock my DVD to play other than region 1. I always just assumed that the region 2 disc would have to be converted. It was the 'how to do it' that I couldn't figure out.

    Maybe unlocking my DVD player is the ultimate answer. Any ideas?


    PS: chietiff, I saw your reply after I posted the above. I'll give it a try, thanks.
  5. ChiefTiff kindly jumped the gun in his rush to be helpful, try looking at the link he posted ;)
  6. OK guys,

    The site came up great. Unfortunately my player isn't listed. I've tried googling for a similar site over here and will continue to look.

    Do you know of any hack sites that are not UK specific?

  7. What is the make and model of your DVD player?
  8. lamri,

    I have an LG LDA-731. I've looked at some sites and two have said 'no known hacks'.

    If that's the case, any ideas on disc conversion?

  9. Be careful when trying to unlock your DVD so its region free, theres no guarantee it'll work and certainly no assurance that it won't totally muck up your DVD player.

    I think you best option (apart from buying a multi-region dvd player - mine was £23) is to burn copies of them off using something like Nero 8, you'll be able to 'strip' the region codes off of them then. Your DVD will then be all regions, so to speak.

    Hope this helps.
  10. Most of the cheapo models you see at Big Lots/Target/Walmart are hackable, Ive done several, eg Cyberhome CH-DVD 300S, $24 (USD), DVD 224, $24, Yamakawa DVD275 $60, they play almost all DVDs and extra features, I havent come across any that dont even with the most recent titles, but have read of ones that have trouble with DVD RW disks with compression etc. They did play all of Creature comforts, Footy DVDs, feature films, BBC stuff with no issues.

    I would check Amazon, search "Region free" and a wide choice of players will come up.

    However for your player one user at least claims it plays region 1/2 out of the box.......

    Region code posted by Moose, August 04 2006:
    Just bought (August 4 2006) at FutureShop Canada (Vancouver DownTown). It plays region 1 and 2 out of box. Do not have any other region DVD's to test against but am pleasantly surprised.

    Tested against
    bought Region 1 and 2
    created Region 1 and 2
    and all worked fine

    Region code hack posted by vwpower, March 10 2007:
    Use the image for lda-730 dvd player to set region to your dvd.
  11. You already have the solution, your computer, just download VLC Media Player, this plays absolutlely any format you can put into it.
  12. Why don't people on here read previous posts ffs ?

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