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Lingyai said:
Gay Battering? On the internet? Don't be such an over sensitive poof.
You can't really expect to come on a military webiste and not get some flak for being queer can you?
If you can't take the banter I suggest you go to your pink sites.
If you can, then enjoy.

Battered gays :shock: ... I'll stick to battered pea fritters thank-you! Or tasty faggots with onion gravy. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
writerken said:
silverfox said:
I'm sorry, have I missed a trick here, I thought this was a forum for RN issues, not a place for a would be writer to peddle his wares.

And before anyone jumps on the anti - gay bandwagon - I would have the same view of any Douglas Reeman or Enid Blighton wannabe.

Ken - you have your own, and apparently extremely, popular website - why not keep this sort of stuff over there where it blongs.

I agree but it was posted purely in response to the gay battereing I have been getting, and to make a point.

Ken, when you first joined RR you posted some very interesting articles which I enjoyed, you were open about your gayness which is to your credit and I personally do not give a monkeys toss about your sexuallity.

Your books and website were first mentioned by our other outwardly open gay member not you and again this is to your credit. Without this reference the flak you are now recieving may not have occured and you would not be in the present postion of having to defend your lifestyle.

I have spoken to you in the chatroom and you personally have not raised the issue of your gayness. I wished you had stayed as I wanted to speak to you in a general way as one ex matelot to another. The chat room at the time was full of pink smoke and gay innuendo not of your making. Were you embarrassed about this and did it restrict your ability to chat to the rest of the members??

The straight v gay issue has reached the stage it is at now because some of us are becoming bored with our noses constantly being wiped by a lacey handkerchief. This was happening before you joined the site so you would not be aware of this. Your perception of "Gay Battering" may stem from this issue. I'am sure you would wish to be treated as just another member of RR who happens to have actually served in the Royal Navy

My issue is with the link to your website and you have read my veiws on this. Last night a Newbie who had asked a serious and relevant question was given a pink answer, not by you I hasten to add, that could have been misconstrued and led the Newbie to wonder about life in the RN. This sort of irrelevant and misinformed comment is the base for a number of members concerns regarding recruitment into the modern RN and is seen as sending out the wrong message.

Sadly Ken you are caught up in this tidal wave of gayness so perhaps you should have a discussion with the resident gay ensign bearer and ask him to throttle back while you start posting more of your informative Naval based threads.

Not being funny, but crap like this is a big reason why I dont really bother with this site anymore. To many minorities on a crusade.

FWIW, I know a pair of Gay lads. They work with my sister. At a get together at hers last night, the subject of the gays in the RN came about. I showed them this thread.

Lets put it this way, they were embarrassed for you Ken. It's not the 70's anymore mate. You dont need to be passively aggressive in your way of promoting you sexuallity.

Get over it and move on.

One more point - one of the guys in my car club was shit hot keen on joining the RN. I (foolishly) pointed him in the direction of this website.

Lets just say he's not so keen on joining now, and is looking at the REME.

The reason for the change of heart?

Well, one of the most prolific posters is a bit of a Walt in that he comes across at 'uber jack', but has never actually been in the mob, and he seems to have been joined by rest of the pink mafia, givng the impression that the RN is homosexual'sRus.

His words not mine.

But then, he's a 20 year old lad, into fitness and engines - what does he want to read 1000 word essays on homo's fantasy revenge on a military website for?

Endex. I'm done with it.
Very good posts Pol and wheel-spanner.

Ken, it is unfortunate that a big issue has been made (entirely needlessly) about an unimportant detail of your personal life. You didn't make a fuss about it, but someone else did and the fact that a fuss was being made about a personal detail (which nobody cares about) put you in the line of fire. Consequently you posted this thread to "return fire".

AAC - in future, if you want to discuss aspects of someone's personal life then can you do it by PM rather than the open forum. You made a post (in the thread in which Ken wrote about his memories of Ganges) which was tantamount to "look at Ken, he's gay, great!". Users of this site want to discuss naval matters, past and present - not hear (especially from a third party) about someone's personal background. I'm sure you wouldn't like someone making a song and dance about your personal life, if you weren't going to do so yourself. I am appealing to your common sense here.


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