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Mr W.H. Smith,
Burton Manor,

Dear Jim,

Greetings and salutations from the lads of the North Staffordshire Submariners we hope that you, and yours, are all fit and well. I am writing this with the hope that it will be published in our magazine.
I see from the July edition that a pin is being issued to those who served on Polaris submarines. This pin is to show that the Submarine Service is now a two tier service with the Polaris submariners high above the rest of us. I wish to express my disgust at this happening.
In 1958 I joined HMS ADAMANT and I well remember the old conventional submarines coming up the Clyde battered to hell after they had tried to go under the ice and operate from that area. I remember the submariners being warned to say nothing about the trips that they had done at the start of the Cold War. I remember the water rationing that they had to suffer and other restrictions because of the type of boats that were in service in those days. I remember the HT.P. boats that operated from the Timber Yard at Faslane and the danger they faced with that kind of fuel.
My service was in hunter/killers and I and my fellow shipmates knew what separation was all about. We did not have two crews to share the load; our families went through it as did we. To be told that those who lived in relative luxury were better than all the rest of us leaves me with a terrible taste in my mouth and a feeling of betrayal. The ‘Submarine Dolphins’ unite us all and this should never be challenged. "One set of Dolphins - One set of Submariners"
Please allow my letter to go to print as I believe that many other submariners will be just as mad about this insulting pin as myself.

Thank you for giving me your time

Billy (Gunner) Smith,
BZ Bill!
Totally agree having done 5 patrols on Bombers I never met such a shower of prima donnas.
The back afties wouldn't speak to the fore endies, the fore endies wouldn't speak to the missile men and the missile men wouldn't speak to any one. Every where you went was restricted access.
The Senior Rats mess was divided into three with special lttle corners that were dedicated places for back afties fore endies and the missile fairies.
There were certain members of the crew that seemed to get weekends at sea!!! What was that about. And getting pissed seemed par for the course. Drinking sessions in the Rats mess that went into the small hours of the morning. I hated every minute of bombers and was over the moon when the WEO got me back to SM1. Never understood why I got submarine pay whilst on bombers as the accomodation food etc was better than the destroyer and the two frigates I had prior to joining boats and as Bill said there were two crews!! And now they award them a special badge as if they are any better than the average submariner. Yea gods.
I suspect that this is the "pin" handed out by the US Special Projects wallahs. The septics love this sort of thing and I think they still hand them out for Trident.

Shed loads of CoN, SSC and DGST(N) staff had them. Another 5 years with SPUK and I think one would have had one thrown at me. Not worth getting worked up over; anymore than a BOAC Junior Jet Club badge.
Nope, it's a pin to reward the unique contribution that the SSBN Force made, and continue to make, towards the UK Defence.

Medals will always upset people, why not just accept this is happening and be pleased for your shipmates?
Polycell, making me think maybe I shouldnt look at WE on Bombers when I eventually get in the Navy :p

On subject though, good post OP and your points were well made, speaking from my position as a total non navy pleb :)
Having seen the bomber pin it looks cheap and tacky and is basically a clone of the septic bomber pin in gun metal grey (or should that be GRAY) the same as US enlisted mens dolphins. Quite a few bomber rates where I work (all ex SSN guys) say they won't wear it but it may be mandatory.

I checked up and for those who are now civvies and want one the Submarine Musuem will be selling them at £6 a pop.

Thank fcuk I never had a bomber!!!
Scouse_Castaway said:
Polycell, making me think maybe I shouldnt look at WE on Bombers when I eventually get in the Navy :p
I'm with you there Scouse. If I get made a missile mary there will be a K640 shaped hole in the gates at Collingwood. :lol:


Dry your eyes Polycell an unprofessional post. It is for all patrols V boats included, pray tell how current are you on them?
Can anyone post a piccy of the new badge.

Have seen the USN one but I think they wear their badge
as Dolphins .Apparently the RN is wearing Dolphins aswell as the deterrent "pin" on uniforms.

I'll probably buy one but can't see me wearing it . Like smudge[bill] smith says we are all the same diesel/Nuc/Bomber submariners.
Suppose the next thing will be a Diesel boat badge --for us elderly
submariners !


G. -------- DBF---------
Rules for the four knot fudge packer pin wearing are


a. Officers, WOs, SRs: Top of the pocket, with the top of the missile element just below the top of the pocket, and in the centre line of the Dolphins.

b. JRs: 1 cm below the bottom of the medals, and in the centre line of the Dolphins. If only medal ribbons are being worn, then it is to be 1cm below the ribbons, if no medals have been awarded then it is to be worn 2cm below the Dolphins.


a. Officers, WOs, SRs, JRs: Top of the pocket with the missile element just below the top of the pocket, in the centre line of the Dolphins.

A small pin is also available for wearing with 3s with tie, and also for Mess Undress.

Further info on the correct wearing of the DPP can be sought from RNTM 074/10
MESM said:
Dry your eyes Polycell an unprofessional post. It is for all patrols V boats included, pray tell how current are you on them?
Dry my eyes? They aren't wet mupp!
V boats as you call them or Tridents or Bombers |I know quite a lot about thankyou. Why?
My opinion as I said was first hand having served on Polaris and to be honest there isn't a great deal of difference between them and the Trident boats in fact to be honest I'd sooner have been on a Polaris boat. I think the off crew time was better!!!
Anyone know where you can get them apart from Fas? Tried in collinwood but they don't stock them. Any Ideas? and what's needed to get them?
Like the sausage on a stick: some will wear it (those serving may HAVE to) others won't.

I cannot see why this matter should be seen as (yet another) reason for any perceived division between submariners of different classes of boats/eras.

Those getting all upset will be calling for a schism amongst the Submariner's Association next :roll: :roll:

Just because it's no longer called the S/M Old Comrades Association that shouldn't stop us from remaining Submarine Comrades .

If not, then perhaps this may help some of the older S/M 'Mivvies to deal with it:


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