Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by Ships_Cat, Oct 13, 2007.

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  1. Judging by the reviews S_C it is worth the effort so as soon as it makes it up here I will definately give it a look as I am a huge JD fan.
    apparently the guy playing Curtis is spot on.
  2. Dont know if you saw 24hr party people but thats also worth a look, obviously its more about the whole thing of punk to madchester, and Wilson, but very entertaining with Steve Coogan as Wilson. I watched them shooting it right outside my flat in Salford... the nosh van scene etc. :thumright: Paddy Considine was spooky as Rob Gretton. Thought it was funny that Mark E smith did a cameo but did not play himself.

    Of course "Control" is something of a labour of love for Corbijn, and based on Deborah Curtis's book, and somewhat on Lindsay Reade(Wilsons ex) and Mick Middles newer book, I have high hopes. The film is more about Ian than JD as a whole, but I'll take it. I even like the Killers remake of Shadowplay (on their site, and new album
  3. Clip from 24 Hour Party People: Joy Division - Digital
    Sean Harris as Ian Curtis and John Simm as Barney, Ralf Little (Ant-neh) as Hooky.

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