Contractors Acceptance Trials

.......for the brand new Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel.

Has anyone else at RR received an invitation for a freebie HATS & SATS weekend at this splendid 4 star 1,000-plus roomed edifice?


<<<Park Plaza Hotel and Resorts are preparing to launch the most spectacular hotel to open in London in generations, Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London.

Situated on the vibrant South Bank only steps from the city’s most iconic attractions including the London Eye, London Aquarium and Royal Festival Hall, the hotel boasts uninterrupted views to Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, 1,021 spacious guest rooms, five distinctive dining experiences and design-led, contemporary surroundings that will provide the perfect setting for work or play.

But before we open, we need your help!>>>

Apparently the services of self + herself (among many others) are essential and we are needed presumably to assume roles similar to CSST Fire/Flood/Famine etc before they dare start bringing in real paying hotel guests.

All-in gratis, excepting alcoholic drinks - but the odd thunderflash and a breaker ot two tripped at the bar should solve that minor deficiency.

(Memo to Self - Must locate the EBS & BIBS systems first)

I thought of calling Jo Jo, 2DD & Bk Rat etc round for a CTP but, sadly, none of them have provided the postal codes for their cardboard-box arch dwellings.


If any other RRs have also been invited please let me know - If not, then any suggestions for putting the staff through their paces will be noted and wilfully applied :twisted:


PS Nepotism, like incest, is best kept in the family.

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