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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by moggy_mad, Jan 24, 2010.

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  1. moggy_mad

    moggy_mad New member

    I apologise if covered before, if it has I am struggling to find it.
    Just incase my son gets asked at interview this week..........
    Could someone please verify contract times we know you sign a 28 day one when starting at Raleigh but are unsure from then.
    We know it may be brought up at interview.
  2. captainobvious

    captainobvious New member

    Contract length is 18 years or until your 40th birthday, whichever is longer.

    At any point after the first 28 days from signing on until 6 months from that date a recruit can Pre Voluntary Release and get out of the mob there and then, though it must be noted that getting cold feet and PVRing on a whim can impact chances of rejoining in the future.

    After 6 months a return of service is required before notice can be placed (I believe the length of time varies from trade to trade though I stand by to be corrected), once out of return of service 12 months notice must be given to leave.

    Hope that answers your question :)
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Spot on.

    Return of Service (RoS)commences after Standard Initial Training Period (SITP) is completed, RoS is usually 2.5 years apart from Nurses & Comms Techs which is 3.5 years.
  4. moggy_mad

    moggy_mad New member

    Thankyou both very much I do appreciate it

    If he does join, he says he has no intention of leaving but we know he may be asked in the interview.

    Fingers crossed for him tomorrow...another step closer for him hopefully.

    As a parent i have got to say as he gets nearer it becomes more tense as you so want them to achieve their goal.
  5. Trigger_92

    Trigger_92 New member

    Moggy tell him good luck from me, I know how nervous I was for mine last week! He'll be fine :D
  6. moggy_mad

    moggy_mad New member

    Trigger he says cheers :)

    Hey you had a bumper week last week .......... congrats on the driving test too (I do keep my eye on the forums) :wink:
  7. dabbzie

    dabbzie New member

    congratulations Trigger
    Got my interview wednesday
  8. moggy_mad

    moggy_mad New member

    all the best for Wednesday dabbzie :)
  9. Trigger_92

    Trigger_92 New member

    Oh I did indeed haha, thanks :D
  10. moggy_mad

    moggy_mad New member

    Recomended for service , passed the interview with flying colours, no trick questions and although nervous he enjoyed it !
  11. yorkieyorke

    yorkieyorke New member

    Glad to hear it congrats from me :D
  12. Trigger_92

    Trigger_92 New member

    Congrats :D
  13. moggy_mad

    moggy_mad New member

    thankyou all , been a busy day :)
  14. moggy_mad

    moggy_mad New member

    dabbzie , all the best for tomorrow, let us know how you get on .... what trade ?

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