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Length of contract? The only sources I can find online state 3 1/2 years after completion of training but I know that is incorrect. But for love nor money can I remember the correct amount of time. 12, 18, 20 and 22 years are rattling around in my head but I can't settle on which the CPO said in the post test brief!

Also, in terms of Dry and Wet training I know that one is classroom based and the latter is at sea. But could anyone give a touch more detail please?


Had my interview yesterday. Initial full contract is 12 years but the return to service is the minimum you have to serve, which is usually 3-4 years but branch dependant


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Initial contract, for all but Accelerated Apprentices, is 12-years.

You may leave after 28 days and up to week 26. After that, you must complete initial training (10 weeks), + phase two (branch training) + 30 months Return of Service (RoS) before eligible to submit 12-months notice to quit. After the RoS is complete, you can submit 12 months notice to quit at any point thereafter. Student Nurses have a 42 month RoS after earning their all-expenses paid nursing degree.

Bear in mind some professional courses, such as Leading Rate or Petty Officer qualifying courses may require an additional RoS, typically an additional 24 months.

Those who pass selection for Leading Rate, within the initial 12-year contract, will automatically get an extended contract of up to 20 years (if they wish to serve that long).

In short, if you don't wrap in the first six months, minimum service is usually between 4-5 years, depending on the length of phase two training.

All people joining should be aware, regardless of chosen branch, they could be drafted to serve in submarines (Fleet Air Arm branches excepted).

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