Contingency Lighting Repacement(Emergency Lights)Suggestion?

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Greenie_877, Nov 29, 2007.

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  1. Looking for a better system for the contingency lighting on the upholders. I was wondering if anyone can suggestion a system that is more modern/current. I was thinking that Oxley may have a LED based system that would suffice however nothing solid on there website. Any input would be helpful.

    So basically I want a emergency lighting solution that will last longer than the 25 min we get from the current system. The deck lights are interesting any feedback on them?

    Thanks again
    Greenie 877
  2. Re: Contingency Lighting Repacement(Emergency Lights)Suggest

    Give these guys a shout:

    LED 1W Mount or Recess Low Power Emergency Light with Self Test RLD3
  3. Re: Contingency Lighting Repacement(Emergency Lights)Suggest

    I always found that lighting the Baby Chefs' farts made for an effective AEL.
  4. I think there is a wide range of potential options available using LED technology. The easy cheap instant hit would be to replace the incandescant lamp with an LED one. A wide range are now available with a variety of cap fittings and outputs. Equally I am sure some one could make up and supply NiMH battery packs to replace the NiCad ones which would also improve the power performance. If one wants to go the whle hog and replace the system completely I am sure that there are plenty of companies now who could design and make new purpose built units that were not only more effective and longer lifed, but also required less maitenance and had sone built in self test as well.

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