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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Vowlesy, Dec 14, 2006.

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  1. So I'm 17 and 7 months and after numerous civie jobs I've decided its time for a change!

    Even as a real young 'un I've always been interested in the Armed Force (Mostly due to my Dad and Granddad both being in) but all the bad press lately really had negative effect on me and I was going to try for a Computer related job but everywhere managers are outright C**** to be honest and I can't be arsed to listen it to all day long when I could have a lot more “fun†(Right word? hehe!) training.

    After a lot of study and research I've settled on the Royal Marines as my view is if you're going in, go with the best! Dad ain't to happy seeing as he was a Para but its all good :D

    Since leaving work I've been a outright lazy bast.... and got quite unfit but I've joined up to the gym (£35 a month! Daylight robbery!) and progress is going well. On the treads at a maximum gradient
    I can hit 1.5 miles in around 11.00(8/9 MPH) just over or under. Considering I struggled to stay on 10 minutes at 6/7mph two weeks ago I think that's pretty good :) Working on my fitness at the minute then Ill concentrate on gaining strength.

    I was recommended to buy that.. “Fighting Fit with the Royal Marines†so I did and its on its way now.

    I'm looking to go for the PRMC around May/June 07. I hoping that's a realistic time to get to “average fitness†as they say on the website!

    My real concern is that I'm quiet small, 5'4â€,would this be much of a problem. I know that to enter you have to be over 4.9 but I guess you understand my concern. So any replies about that would be great!

    Basically I just looking for things I should concentrate on, what to look out for on the PRMC and what not!

    Cheers, Lads and Ladies!

    Lee :)
  2. Not a bootneck myself, but can offer a perspective.

    Had the pleasure of spending a few days in the company of an ex-Royal not long ago. He must've been about 5'5" and not a hair over and could outstrip me at ever turn, phys or otherwise. Absolute class bloke who sadly got MD'd.

    As for your fitness; about six months from this points should see your right and by your times you should be able to be well inside the fitness envelope by May.

    One thing to focus on would be endurance and running with weight. It's all well and good being able to jog for ten minutes, but what'll help you more is being able to go 5 hours with 30 kilos at the very least on your back over varied terrain. Get yourself out on the hills in all weather and get used to it. Fighting Fit offers some good packages as it does include weight in the program, but start early and ease yourself into it to avoid injury.
  3. Cheers mate!

    I've got a 25Litre Bergen on the way too so I can wack my dumbell weights in there.Good thing is I live in Wiltshire so got some great hills and country side to run around in!

  4. good on you, mate.

    nice realistic time frame aswell.

    however i would be carefull about running with weight at this stage. its certianly not a necessity before PRMC. if you are set on doing it tho, do it progressively, i.e. a couple of runs with just the bergan, then a couple with 5 pounds, then 10 etc.

    good luck.
  5. No need to run with weight, best bet is just to run as far and as fast as you can and keep making it longer or quicker and you will do fine for PRMC.


    Running with weight is the surest way to F*$K yourself needlessly.
  6. Firstly: Height is no problem. If you're above the minimum height then fine. You'll find that most marines arn't tall people. They're little stocky guys who are full of grit and determination.

    Secondly: Train hard but don't run with weights in a bergan. This isn't good for your knees. You'll do plenty of running with weight on your back or more so wearing your fighting order and carrying your weapon during basic training. So just work hard at preparing yourself. Your currnet progress looks good, just work on maintaining it until you join up.


  7. no need to join a gym in my opinion, all the places u need to do training are in ur local area, eg a parks monkey bars are good for pull ups, running just run on ordinary roads or cycle paths, pushups and sit ups you can do around the house. Whatever you do DO NOT TRAIN WITH WEIGHTS the marines will get to that stage during your basic training. Before you consider going for your PRMC make sure that you can run about 5-6 miles daily, try to eat one hour minimum before training/running, 80-85 situps in 2 mins, 60-65 pressups in 2 mins and 8-9 overgrasp pull ups. For the running side of things do alot of sprinting and fast paced running, because the whole idea of the PRMC is to nacker you out and see if you are still capable of going and meeting the Royals standards of basic fitness.

    here are some useful links to waht you can expect at PRMC-

    one acount is from someone who failed PRMC and the other is from someone who passed.

    im going for marines about the same time as you so train hard and i might see you at a PRMC in the near future.
  8. Sorry, should've clarified. Don't run with weight, but if you go hill walking make sure there's something on your back as it will get you used to the weight and feel of a bergan. Don't break your spine though! It's just to get used to the sensation if nothing else.
  9. Ahh right, thanks for clearing that up, Still it wouldn't be bad to get used to the weight and feel of one like you said? :).

    As for the gym, well it has ONE big plus and thats the fact it full of class birds! The mirrors just make it easier to perv *ahem!* plus it has a swimming pool so I can improve my swimming although I was never that bad at it!

    Spent most of the day researching Royal Marines history! Very impressive! Hard trying to track down the VC's won though any help on infomation would be great!

    But in all, Im going really carefull as not to injure myself because that could be a big problem I dont need!

    Cheers for all the help and those diarys of the PRMC are great thanks!
  10. Good Luck and it would be ace if we met doing our PRMC :).!
  11. one more tip for you mate is to not run on concrete paths if you are gunna run in boots youll hurt your ankles, so make sure you stick to running cross country in boots.
  12. Rightyo' I got a pair of Reebok Pumps for running have yet to get any boots. Any one know of a good place to buy some?

    For all your Green needs.

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