Contact number for capita


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We're not permitted to give it out unfortunately. All I can suggest is that you confirm with your GP Practice Manager that the required information (ie: Not just an invoice) was despatched as requested and ask for the date of despatch. Allow a couple of weeks from despatch to hear back.


Any luck with tracing your medical notes?
Mine were sent to Capita on May 9th and when I checked on May 25th they said they hadn't received them.
My AFCO has contacted Capita but they haven't responded and I emailed them myself and they haven't replyed.
Dunno whether to just visit my GP and get another copy and send them myself. Frustrated this is delaying my application


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I resent copies the week after originals as Royal mail advised they didn't know where the original tracked letter was! Didn't want to delay matters any more. Couldn't contact capita apart from by email which they have never responded to in 3 weeks.

The 2nd lot were signed for at capita the next day so I know they are there. Not heard anything from AFCO/Capita yet as to results but as NS says it takes a couple of weeks to be processed through and it's only just over 2 weeks now.

The originals according to tracking eventually turned up 2 days ago so only nearly a month in the mail! Royal Mail may be behind a few Capita complaints.

Good luck!

Try putting in a claim for compensation to Royal Mail, include any expense incurred as the result of a non prompt delivery#


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Time and time again we hear complaints about Royal Mail's apparent inability to deliver stuff to Capita. It suits Capita to let them take the flack and masks their lack of organisation. On a personal basis I use Royal Mail to send parcels, large letters all over the UK and in the last 10 years they've only failed twice. I don't pay extra money for "signed for" or "First Class" or even registered. They pay compensation if it's lost second class as long as you get a proof of posting(which is free on request at the Post Office).
Royal Mail are far from perfect and given that they deliver to every address throughout the UK without fear or favour there is going to be the occasional slip up but certainly not as often as Capita are wanting us all to believe.
Readers of Private Eye magazine will know that Capita have a nick name gained from their poor reputation in other fields which involves inserting an "r" between the capital C and the first a.


Just had a call from my AFCO to say Capita have moved offices and are now based in Coventry. The pre paid envelopes and forms that the Capita doctor gave me had their old address on so all mail is having to be re-directed which is why there is a delay.