Contact lenses through RT.


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jabcrosshook said:
Thanks for your replies.
I was thinking of wearing 30 day contacts which you can wear day and night, but I would take a durable pair of glasses with me.

Wore extended wear baush and lomb? from 83 to 92ish,about 6 months after they appeared on "Tomorrows World", then went to back glasses.Could wear em for a week then 24 hours off.No one asked and them that did I told em to mind their own bussiness.Wore em swimming, sailing(the reason I got em)and at sea (Boats) .Wore glasses for fire school.


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I have similar contacts, they are normally very good and have swam in a swimming pool underwater with my eyes open without a problem before but i have also done it and lost both lenses.

Are you RN/RM? Did you not have a problem on exercise/operations? I cant imagine they would be very good in muddy conditions especially if you cant keep them clean/sterile.


My personal opinion is that you could probably get by without a problem wearing lenses but if you do have a problem such as a bit of dirt or you lose a lens then you are buggered


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in ten years i haven't lost a lense, in training only the ocassional mud run (see commando frontline ) caused me an issue

never managed with the 30 day lenses, the always got a bit sticky in wek three, just cracked the daily ones

Never mind the CS/Firefighting/swimming bullshoite legends just not true

If your contact lenses are melting I'd say you were completely fecked anyways and I seemed to manage better in the gas chamber with lenses in

Back up is always advisable but I always thought the steely eyed dealer of death image was lost with a pair of battle bins on
Thanks for your replies again,
I've come up with a solution, because I don't have to wear glasses all the time, I will only really need them for firing the SA80 because my right eye isn't all that good, but my left eye is better than average, so it sort of cancels it out, so from your replies and other people I've been talking too, what I am going to do is not wear contact lenses/glasses when not firing the SA80 with live rounds, so when using blanks or any other time I won't be wearing anything for my eyes but when I know I am going to be using live rounds I am going to wear something.
Does that sound ok?


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Just make sure the colour of your frames don't clash with your uniform