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I filled out the RNR Contact Form on about 3 weeks ago but still havn't heard anything. I stated that my local unit would be Wildfire.

Do these requests get forwarded to the individual unit's or are they actioned centrally ? Hence the lack of action !!

Anyone on here from Wildfire ?


I got a letter about a week after filling in the online form, saying they tried to phone me but they couldn't get through (rubbish IMHO). It told me to phone 08456 07 55 55. It's a centre in Northampton with the contract to make initial recruitment contact - you just confirm your personal details, where you heard about RNR, they ask whether you have anything like asthma and what qualifications you have. All pretty painless, then you get another letter in the post telling you to contact your local training centre (it gives contact details).

Hope this helps!


Lantern Swinger
If you already know WILDFIRE is the unit nearest to you - give them a call. They have Permanent Staff there Monday to Friday and can probably get you a bit further up the pole a bit faster than going through a centralised recruiting point - even if it is only to give you the basic information on Drill nights and specialisations. The hyperlink below will take you straight to the HMS WILDFIRE web page and even though they give you the Central Recruiting telephone number I can't see any problem with asking them specifics, particularly since you have already done the initial interest bit on-line.

PS Do it quickly before August leave kicks in!