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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by whitemouse, Nov 28, 2008.

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  1. Shadow Tory is arrested for "conspiring to commit misconduct in public office" --- anyone else recall certain senior persons who were removed from their posts in this current government for similar actions, but Anti Terror Plod not being involved ?

    And, of course, the The Leader's office denies 'knowing' anything about this ----- so maybe we now have Anti Terror Plod acting on their own ??

    I trust this guy now brings this up officially in the HoC --- when they've had their break of course !!
  2. Your're so cynical........... but I like it :thumright:
  3. Apparently Boris knew it was going to happen but Gordon Clown didn't.
    Anyway, since when was it not in the public interest to be given the facts on immigration?
    Also, it seems the original leak came from the Government.
    Stitch up or what.
  4. I read that the arrest followed a complaint from the Cabinet Office.
    Is it possible that Campbell or Meddlesome may have had a hand in this?

    I am concerned that this Labour government could be the biggest threat to individual liberty in this country since WW2.
  5. Welcome to Neue Arbiets Police State
  6. So Anti Terrorist Plod (why them?) go mob-handed to a leading opposition politicians office and grab everything thats not screwed down and then arrest him and no-one in government had the slightest idea it was going to happen.Hands up who believes that?Someone high up has got to have authorised it although you can expect that any connections have been by now well and truly erased.
  7. How come he's not got to appear again until February to answer for his actions ? If I'd been given that long to figure out a defence. maybe it might've saved me a lot of grief at the Table and the Magistrates ?
  8. Simply because it is the Civil Service that run the country not the elected political party

    Gogs Broon is told what to do and say by his civil servants

    Jack McH
  9. Most people who are bailed for investigations are bailed for 3 months. What I can't understand is how he spent 9 hours being questioned at a police station without sending for his solicitor.
  10. Perhaps he was under the impression that, not having done anything wrong, he didn't need a solicitor?

  11. [quote="Jack_McHammocklashing]

    Simply because it is the Civil Service that run the country not the elected political party

    Gogs Broon is told what to do and say by his civil servants

    Jack McH[/quote]

    You really believe that? Noo Labia dispensed with Civil Service influence (unless it was in the treasury) in the last Century.

    As I understand it, yer man Blare and his followers ran rough shod over the Civil Service and Broon the Humourless has not done anything different. It must be hard for him, though, running the Country and the Treasury (still).
  12. Mandelson is the one who worries me the most. Unelected but has massive influence.
  13. bent as a bloody hair pin and dishonest to boot....the bent bit i can tolerate but that man is an insult to politicians
  14. Come on, you can't call them that ! Labia is useful, this party isn't ....

  15. No, but they are still a bunch of Cnuts.

    Keep and eye on Meddlesome and Campbell......................

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