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... in exchange for technology (submersible aircraft, flying submarines, cappucino machines,etc.).

You forgot the "black helicopters".... damn, there's one overhead now, got to go! :)

Stand still. Do not run. WE...JUST WANT....TO BE...YOUR FRIENDS.[/quote

WE...JUST WANT....TO BE...YOUR FRIENDS. The words fire and friendly and fire jump to mind. No offence ment, Bootneckyank but even you must be slightly embarrassed with the john Wayne attitude of some of your troops and officers.]

Embarrassed is not the word. Frightened is more like it. It's bad enough that we're sending these kids into an unescessary meat grinder, but having them led by incompetent assholes who seem to think it's all a big video game is alarming. It's like we're witnessing the disentegration of an army, ala Vietnam.

I must say this, it is very refreshing (in fact reassuring) to hear such comments from across the pond, makes you think there is some common sense over there. Pity your leader is not like you the world would be a better place.


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PompeySailor said:
I was employed by the Palace. It was my job to put my fingers down the throat of the Princess of Wales when she was too tired after shagging England Rugby players....

....She choked on Dodi's knob. He died of massive blood loss when she bit if off. What other reason could there have been for her being on the floor of the car with no seat belt on.....?

It's just as well the Royal Family (God bless 'em) are known for not suing!

Congratulations on a gratuitously obscene post. Can we have some more please?
Tingara said:
I shed a tear for Di

So did I. Of laughter!

And I still smile every time I see the Daily Express, as at least twice a week she's featured on their front page, normally accompanied by Fayed's latest theory about the Queen Mum riding pillion on a secret MI6 ninja-built invisible motorbike driven by the Duke of Edinburgh, and assassinating her with a blow pipe made of the scrota of endangered owls. Or something.