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Conspiracy theories

PompeySailor said:
I was employed by the Palace. It was my job to put my fingers down the throat of the Princess of Wales when she was too tired after shagging England Rugby players....

....She choked on Dodi's knob. He died of massive blood loss when she bit if off. What other reason could there have been for her being on the floor of the car with no seat belt on.....?

It's just as well the Royal Family (God bless 'em) are known for not suing!

Congratulations on a gratuitously obscene post. Can we have some more please?
Tingara said:
I shed a tear for Di

So did I. Of laughter!

And I still smile every time I see the Daily Express, as at least twice a week she's featured on their front page, normally accompanied by Fayed's latest theory about the Queen Mum riding pillion on a secret MI6 ninja-built invisible motorbike driven by the Duke of Edinburgh, and assassinating her with a blow pipe made of the scrota of endangered owls. Or something.
Yes, yes, YES! I know I've resurrected an old thread again. However, it saves bandwidth and also, always gives a laugh reading the old shit stuff that was written. So, for your delight and delectation, here's an idea for a last minute Christmas present for your loved one.

Plus a public health warning!

Always remember the press headlines when Di karked it....'' The nation mourns '' and other such garbage , to die at the hands of a drunk driver was tragic but I regarded her as a manipulative , scheming clothes horse.

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