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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by hobbit, May 14, 2006.

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  1. Conspiracy theories abound on this paranoid planet and anyone with FAETD have a look at the web under conspiracy theories. Here's one to begin with. There is a conspiracy to conceal the conspiracies of course so where does the paranoia end and the truth begin. Play the conspiracy game even make up your own CT on some sites if you've got FAETD
    :lol: :lol: :lol:


    The US government has a hidden agenda - a conspiracy to establish an American empire and rule the world.
    The elite men in control are now so certain of their absolute power that they no longer conceal their plan for the New World Order.
    The insiders behind US government policy, including Vice-President Dick Cheney, and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld,[1, 2] have openly declared their bold vision for "American world leadership", a "global leadership" controlled by the White House.
    Every intelligent adult on the planet should read the material published by The Project for the New American Century.[3] These documents reveal the true factors shaping the world, at this time, for all to see. The PNAC is literally an "organization whose goal is to promote American global leadership".[4]
    The PNAC, which helps the US President decide official policy, openly speaks of America's "new order", which is also referred to as the "New World Order".[5] The New World Order is heralded by the Latin motto "Novus Ordo Seclorum," meaning "a New Order of the Ages," which is enscribed on the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States and printed on the back of every one-dollar-bill.[6]
    PNAC calls upon Americans throughout the world to "embrace the cause of American leadership" as the US government creates "an international order friendly to our security, our prosperity, and our principles".[7]
    The events of September 11th are being used to manipulate public emotion, using people's grief, anger, and fear, to guarantee American support for the NWO, and "to launch a new era of American internationalism."[8]
    The PNAC is openly unfriendly toward Europe. They admit that the Bush administration "was hostile to the new Europe" from the beginning. The organisation boasts: "American leaders should realize that they are hardly constrained at all, that Europe is not really capable of constraining the United States" because "Americans are powerful enough that they need not fear Europeans". America has realised that "Europe has been militarily weak for a long time, but until fairly recently its weakness had been obscured."
    The organisation for the new American era bluntly criticises the pursuit of peace by European nations as "weakness". They give the American people full credit for constructing the new Europe after World War II, acknowledging that "the Europe of today is very much the product of American foreign policy". But the almighty US government has no further need for its old European allies.
    "Can the United States handle the rest of the world
    without much help from Europe? The answer is that
    it already does."
    The British Council, a think-tank closely linked to the UK government's Foreign Policy Centre, is calling for the British government to retaliate and give the US government a "bloody nose".[9]
    Each step in the US government's agenda causes increasing friction between the New World embodied by America and "old Europe".[10, 11] In America's eyes, the reason why Europeans disapproves of American aggression against other nations is because: "Europe’s military weakness has produced a perfectly understandable aversion to the exercise of military power."

    "Given that the United States is unlikely to reduce
    its power and that Europe is unlikely to increase
    more than marginally its own power or the will to
    use what power it has, the future seems certain to
    be one of increased transatlantic tension."

    Despite diverging policy, PNAC appreciates that Europe is essential to the events that will unfold during this century. Because America has become so powerful, "Europe must amass power, but for no other reason than to save the world".
    As transatlantic tensions continue to escalate conflict is inevitable, and only the strongest side can prevail.
  2. It's all true.
    We intend to take over the world, and to help us toward that end, we've entered into a mutual defense pact with the space aliens, in which we supply inbred rednecks for bizarre medical experiments in exchange for technology (submersible aircraft, flying submarines, cappucino machines,etc.).

    Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.
  3. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    You forgot the "black helicopters".... damn, there's one overhead now, got to go! :)
  4. Stand still. Do not run. WE...JUST WANT....TO BE...YOUR FRIENDS.
  5. And what about the stealth ice cream & coke machines ? No Yank ship would ever leave harbour without them
  6. The many conspiracy theories about Dianna POW are perhaps some of the most interesting and bizzare and not likely to stop in the immediate future. OK-WGAF. My personal opinion is that it was a hit as the way the whole thing was developing it was likely to cause so much confusion and trouble this was the only solution. It does demonstrate that it doesn't matter who you are , if they want you out of the way nothing will stop them. Don't ask me who they are but they are there if needed. IMHO she was pregnant and this forced the final solution which is unlikely to be explained truthfully until many alive today are out of the way and the truth has less impact than it would with those who knew and loved her. Such a beautiful young woman, sad really,


    Princess Diana's Death -

    The Queen did it. Or maybe it was M.I.6, the British secret service. The motive: to prevent Princess Diana from marrying Dodi Fayed, bearing his child---step sibling to a future king--- and becoming a Muslim. Or maybe the motive was to protect the new world order from an activist princess with inconvenient ideas, such as banning land mines. How did the killers do it? Small bombs placed on the front and roof of the Mercedes in which she and Dodi rode. Or maybe the Mercedes was sabotaged with a remote-control device that locked the wheels and steering column at the flick of a switch in some far-off location---say, Balmoral. Some anti-Royals believe the queen pushed the button herself.

    Like most conspiracy theories, the scenarios spun since Diana's death lead everywhere and nowhere. Many of the juiciest theories circulate on the Internet, where postings about Diana are rapidly becoming as numerous as those about the deaths of JFK, Marilyn Monroe and the king of the after world, Elvis Presley. But it is Egypt, homeland of the Fayeds, that has become the center of a booming conspiracy-theory industry.

    Already at least half-a-dozen books about the dead princess are on sale in Cairo. One called "Who Killed Diana?!" was written in three days and is selling briskly enough, at $1.47 a copy, to warrant a second edition, out this week. Author Mohamed Ragab maintains that Britain's royal family and "Jewish circles" ordered the deaths to keep Diana from marrying Dodi. In the daily Al Ahram, Anis Mansour, a former adviser to Anwar Sadat, said Diana was "killed by British Intelligence to save the monarchy." A well-known Egyptian film director, Khairy Beshara, is writing the script for a movie about Diana's life. He has some reservations about the conspiracy theories, but he says she "suffered from cruel traditions" imposed on her by her in-laws.

    Egyptians jumped to ugly conclusions about Diana's death partly because of a deeply ingrained feeling that the British, who ruled them until 1952, regard them as inferior. Egyptians say "a Dodi cannot marry the Princess of Wales, and the British would go as far as having them killed," says newspaper columnist Mohamed Sid Ahmed. "Conspiracy theories are a stock in trade here," says Tim Sullivan, a political science professor at American University in Cairo. He traces the cause to a sense of powerlessness. "When you think you don't have control over your life and over events," he says, "then conspiracy theories explain what is happening."

    The First Diana Conspiracy Site popped up on Internet in Australia only hours after the death was announced. "The whole thing seems too pat and too convenient," it said, putting blame for the crash on Western governments, arms manufacturers and the royal family. One reporter heard the theory about the remote-control device in Paris, London, Los Angeles, and Milan, where a bodyguard claimed that the Mercedes S-280, the model used by Diana, often figures in murderous "accidents."

    In Los Angeles, Leslie Barry, 35, voices another widely held theory. "I'm sure the royals did a blood test on her body and found out she was pregnant," Barry says. "They'll probably now use this to blackmail Diana's family, especially if her brother tries to have more contact with the boys." Other people think the crash was aimed at killing Dodi, not Diana. "I heard he stiffed some people in his business here," says a well heeled Beverly Hills resident.

    Then there are the true believers who think Diana is still alive. Subscribers to this theory, say she was fed up with the intrusions on her private life and used the resources of the Fayed family to fake her death. One message on the London Net Web site says Diana and Dodi are living on "a small tropical island near the Middle East," communicating with her sons by "satellite video conferencing."

    While no solid evidence exists, conspiracy theories about the death of Princess Diana continue to grow and flourish. To many it doesn't seem fitting, or even reasonable, that somebody as special and unique as Diana should die in something as common as an automobile accident. Perhaps they are right.
  8. Cant realy comment on this subject. As I am one of the ones that can only now stand up and say that I never liked the manipulative (whatever you want to call her). I know I will be pilloried by the I love Dia brigade but hey that is my opinion. Have the tin hat and flack jacket on and am awaiting the incoming.
  9. I was employed by the Palace. It was my job to put my fingers down the throat of the Princess of Wales when she was too tired after shagging England Rugby players, and on occasion when she was too bandy-legged after a night with Dodi I had to throw her down the stairs.

    Official cause of death was asphyxiation. She choked on Dodi's knob. He died of massive blood loss when she bit if off. What other reason could there have been for her being on the floor of the car with no seat belt on.....?
  10. Egyptians jumped to ugly conclusions about Diana's death partly because of a deeply ingrained feeling that the British, who ruled them until 1952, regard them as inferior

    Do we actually give a toss what the gippo's think ? I for one most certainly do not !

    In fact - all rag heads should be drowned at birth.

    As for Di and a conspiracy - we shall never know is my response. But I prefer to believe that it was just a dreadful accident on that fateful night. And the world lost an angel
  11. You want some truth,,,go to above top,check out political,JFK- the ultimate explanation,
    I shed a tear for Di
  14. More and more people over here are starting to wake up, but too late, and too slowly, I'm afraid!
  15. Damn I wish Bill Hicks was alive now.
  16. It's just as well the Royal Family (God bless 'em) are known for not suing!

    Congratulations on a gratuitously obscene post. Can we have some more please?
  17. So did I. Of laughter!

    And I still smile every time I see the Daily Express, as at least twice a week she's featured on their front page, normally accompanied by Fayed's latest theory about the Queen Mum riding pillion on a secret MI6 ninja-built invisible motorbike driven by the Duke of Edinburgh, and assassinating her with a blow pipe made of the scrota of endangered owls. Or something.
  18. endangered owl scrota - I was told it was the juice extracted from a stokers old sock
  19. More like a mechanician's old sock! MUCH crustier, I hear....

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