Considering the RNR?

I realise that to many regulars out there RNR is a swear word but for those of you who are leaving and may be giving the RNR even the slightest consideration here is a little advice.

If you are even considering joining the RNR upon leaving the regulars I would advise you to start the process to transfer well before you leave. Transfering is comparatively easy compared to trying to re-join after leaving. If you leave without transfering you may be required to go through much of the application process again.

One thing in particular to be careful of is the medical. Ailments which you may have had for years which didn't seem a problem while you were in the mob may all of a sudden become an issue - even if you have walked straight out of the main gate and straight into the AFCO.

I will give you an example. CPO leaves the mob and being an ex-PSI at an RNR unit walks into the AFCO to try his luck with the puddle pirates. The unit he intends to join knows him well, recognises the benefits said CPO could undoubtably bring to the unit and fully supports his application.

AFCO request the medical docs. CPO is declined due to "slightly high blood pressure"(I'm not sure if that is a medical term). This ailment was known by the RN and easily controlled using prescription drugs. CPO served in many operational theatres without issue but since he is technically now a civvy it becomes an issue.

Application refused with little if any opportunity for appeal.

What a waste of a good man with years of training and experience, especially when the service he wishes to join is desperate for people of his calibre.


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Trehorn - I utterly agree with you. I had an RNTM published last week for opportunities with a specific RNR branch (RNTM144/12) - if you are thinking of joining the RNR and serving, then for gods sake do the paperwork with as much time ahead as possible. PM me if you want more details of who to talk to in service who can get the ball rolling.

Trehorn - can you PM me some details and confirm whether this has been appealed or not? I'd like to make someone in the recruiting chain aware of this particular cluster!


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It isn't just things like "high blood pressure" - there are absolutes like a BMI > 25 requiring a waistline < 36" that some may struggle with despite being able to pass their fitness test.


If you're medically unfit then you're medically unfit. The rules are clear. It's no more a "waste" than that of a good submariner who fails Perisher.

The appeals process is well established and if it wasn't explored then there is probably a reason.

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