Considering joining the RN

Hi all, as you know from the title I am looking into joining the RN.

Joining the RN has been at the forefront of my mind for months now, and with researching almost everyday, I have come across this forum and thought I would post a few questions.

My main ambition in the RN is to work in the Medical branch as I just love to help people, solve problems and feel integral to a team, instead of just another cog in the machine. Through research I think it is clear that joining straight in as a Medical Officer is out of the question as I am neither in medical school or a doctor.

Is it possible to train with the RN to achieve this status? I have seen that I would be able to join as a Medical Officer Cadet, but I'm unsure whether that after training and such you progress onto a recognized Medical Officer. Another interest of mine would be to join as an Environmental Health Officer, but again lack the relevant qualifications to jump right in. Will the Medical officer Cadetship also open this avenue up after training has been completed?

Now, a little about myself - I'm 23, and just recently completed university and hold a BSc in Biomedical Science (hence my passion for anything medical, mainly disease and illness!). I would be more then willing to start at the bottom and work my way up if this was the case.

If anyone can give any input or answer any questions I would be greatly appreciative. If there are any important items you think I have missed, please ask me and ill answer them!

Sorry for the long post!


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You could apply for a medical cadetship & get paid an income during the final years of medical school.

Best bet? Call the medical specialist recruiters direct 02392 727096

Good luck.

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