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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by chris_tyne, Sep 14, 2010.

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  1. Hi all! :p

    First of all, the name's Chris, i'm 23 years old currently working for the North East Ambulance Service (Control non-emergency). I spent 4-5 years after finishing school studying (BTEC National Certificate Public Services and Foundation Degree Community and Public Services), and i'm looking to pursue a career in an area that offers progression, job safety, the ability to aquire/develop new skills and something that is challenging but is an adventure. Something where I can say "yeah, I do that" 8)

    I've always thought about the possibility of joining the forces, but after studying, I find myself at a "now or never" stage. I know how important it is to make the right decision, and believe me, I will, but I just stumbled across this site and thought i'd join up. Get a feel of life in the Navy from you lot.

    You are probably thinking "Oh aye, another 'hmm I might join the Navy' guy" but i'm so eager to choose the right career path.

    I emailed my local RN Careers office, and they basically invited me to come down whenever's best for me through the week for a chat, which i'm going to do either this week or next. They also said that the current waiting list for the average role in the Navy is 30 months (Christ!).

    It's obviously wise for me to decide which area i'd be more interested in, and to be honest, I'd say I was interested in the communications side of things. I'd love to be given the opportunity to train in becomming a pilot in the Navy, but I can imagine the waiting list for something like that to be like a decade nowadays :lol:

    So just thought i'd register here and get talking to you lot! Seems like a sound community to be apart of.

    Cheers :wink:
  2. If you can put up with the waiting time, do it. Best decision you'll ever make. I joined age 16 with little or no prospects, left 6 years later with shit loads of qualifications, loads of life (and work) experience and a few shit tattoos. I also managed to visit over 40 odd countries in the process.
  3. Welcome to the forum, Chris.

    We will all watch your progress with interest. As you can probably tell, much depends on the outcome of SDSR in late October.
  4. Cheers for the replies lads! Great to hear something like that Deck Dash. I'd love to gain experience like that. Which countries did you enjoy visiting most? Which RN Area did you go into as a career, and also what made you leave? If you don't mind me asking.

    Gazer, again thanks for the reply. Could you tell me more on the SDSR? (Excuse my lack of knowledge). What's happening with that?
  5. Welcome aboard.
    While it's true the waits for various Branches (Trades.) within the Royal Navy are quite long at the moment, it does give you plenty of time to prepare yourself.
    Don't just go for the Branch with the least wait so as to get in quicker, you may find yourself stuck in a job you hate as there is very little chance of changing Branches once you're in. Do take time to research the jobs available to you and think about what you like doing or are interested in and then match those to the jobs.
    Read Ninja Stoker's and Super Mario's posts like the Gospels as they're Careers Advisers working in AFCO's so know their onions.
    The sooner you get started the better, visit your friendly local AFCO soonest and at least get an acknowledgement of your expression of interest.
    Good luck.
  6. :lol: :lol: My pleasure. I post on a few different forums so it's also a pet hate of mine haha.

    I've had a good look round and I'm going to find this place very helpful as far as I can see.

    I'm looking forward to going down to the careers office asap, i'm sure I will have a much better idea about what i'd like to do after that.

    Cheers :wink:
  7. Many thanks for that Bootneck.

    To be honest, as i'm 23, i've been thinking "maybe i've left it too late", especially considering the waiting times. If I am to apply, I could be 25 by the time I start my training!

    Any late recruits on here?

    I suppose you are dead right about the waiting times, i'm going to have more than enough time to make that all important decision aren't I!? :wink:
  8. My best time was the Far East Deployment I did in '04. It was basically 9 months of whoring and drinking all over Asia. I was an OM(AW) working as a weapons engineer. My branch doesn't exist any more which is partly why I left. The job was a cross between the modern day ET(WE), AB(SEA) and AB(WS) and I enjoyed doing all three aspects of it. The prospects for me after the branch was canned didn't appeal too much so I decided to quit while I was ahead. Things were beginning to get serious with the missus at about the same time which was also a deciding factor and I just thought it was time to move on. Most of my mates from school were just leaving uni with pointless degrees and thousands of pounds worth of debt, I figured that with my qualifications that actually meant something, real world experience and lack of debt (quite the opposite in fact), I was a much more attractive candidate to a prospective employer and I would be able to get a decent well paid job. Turns out I was correct, I took the gamble and won big.

    Basically the RN was the stepping stone I needed to bigger and greater things. Some people end up staying in for life and loving every minute of it, others hate it and leave at the earliest opportunity, everyone's different but for me doing 6 years was the best thing I ever did.

    Best of luck.
  9. Welcome to the site.

    Your still young enough, there are people in their mid-thirties going through Raleigh at the moment and one bloke had his passing out parade on his 37th birthday last term so you've plenty of time if it's what you want to do. As NZB said, wait for the branch/trade that you really want as it'll be worth it in the end.
  10. To be honest, as i'm 23, i've been thinking "maybe i've left it too late", especially considering the waiting times. If I am to apply, I could be 25 by the time I start my training!

    Any late recruits on here?

    Oh my days Chris you whipper snapper....I am 34 and will prob be 35-36 by the time I get in! 8O However It's a whole new career for me AET, so just waiting with expectation like the rest!....Good Luck
  11. SDSR=Strategic Defence Services Review=Government Armed Forces some you win, some you loose lottery. Dependant on how well the various Services plead their cases for bang for buck, value for money etc etc.
    All on here are hoping the RAF get their just deserts and mass redundancies ensue for the Junior Service. :D

    As for your age, there have been many on here quite recently who've been older than you on starting the process of joining. A bit of maturity might not be a bad thing when the Training Staff are looking for someone to show some leadership skills. :wink:

    Once you get your Recruitment ball rolling look into getting your fitness sorted out.
    If you can look into Outward Bound courses, as not only do you get some very good life skills, they always look spiffy on an application/CV too.
  12. Speaking about things getting serious with your girlfriend, how did you find things when apart? When you are in the UK, were you able to visit home very often?

    I totally hear where you are coming from are far as experience is concerned. I'm happy with what I studied over the last 4-5 years or so, but I just feel like options are very limited nowadays, so in a sense I do wish I was clearer about what I wanted to do when I left school.

    Wrecker. I'd never have thought many people in their 30s would apply for the forces! Very naive of me really.

    I'm assuming Raleigh is pretty much the basic training before passing-out? (Sorry, not familar with many of the ins and outs) :lol:

    Thanks for the welcome
  13. Very best of luck with your application! How far are you with it? :)

    Bootneck - Do you suggest I apply straight away to get myself on that waiting list? Or should I wait until I have fully decided what I want to do (career wise) ?

    Trying to keep on top of these replies folks, so apologies if I miss anything out in particular :lol:
  14. I joined at 25 mate so no worries there
  15. Things can be sketchy with regards to relationships. Imagine how you and your missus will cope spending 6-9 months apart with just one 20 minute phone call a week. It's difficult and a lot of people don't manage. I was down the Gulf when my missus's dad died and couldn't get home for the funeral, this was a pretty testing time for both of us. In all honesty the last thing you want is a full time bird as the opportunities for pulling are immense in the mob and the distraction of having to phone her and write emails is one hassle you can do without.

    Raleigh will be a good taster of what's to come.
  16. That was an awesome read! 37 years old :eek: .

    Actually, when he puts it into perspective, 18 years in the RN, possibly retiring at 55 - still more than enough time to achieve all sorts during his service.

    Do you have to be in a certain age group to train for specific things?

    For example Aircrew officer pilot (Royal Navy Website) it says 17-25 year old? :?:
  17. Chris

    Our posts crossed!

    Yes - some jobs have age limits, Pilot, as you have seen is one.

    Age limits on the Officer jobs are lower than the Rating one.
  18. Yeah mate funnily enough I was lookin at that. As far as UCAS points are concerned, I have a Foundation Degree in Community and Public Services. I needed a certain amount of UCAS points to get onto that course after my BTEC National Certificate, so it's definately worth looking at.

    Deck Dash - It would be extremely difficult and as you say, testing. Been with my girlfriend for 4 years now, so we are pretty serious. I've spoken to her about my thoughts on joining the Navy, and she thinks it will be a brilliant career for me.

    Definately going to have a big think on this though 100%, plenty of time isn't there :)

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