Considering attempting to transfer X(GS)


Hello all, long time lurker, first time poster. (I think, I've not been on the site for about a year or so)

I'm currently a volunteer for Warfare Officer (Submarines) and Submarine course is beginning to loom on the horizon, bar a few Surface courses I need to get out of the way. However, I'm starting to have doubts about whether or not the Submarine Service is for me. I've met a few submariners recently and the more I hear about the job the more it sounds like a day or two of quite interesting, crunchy warfare stuff followed by sleeping in somebody else's bed and getting fisted (figuratively). On the other hand, I've thoroughly enjoyed my time as a 2OOW on surface ships and am starting to think 'I really enjoy this job, I won't know if I enjoy submarines until the door is already pretty much closed and locked behind me, instead of the gamble why not transfer and stick with a job I know I enjoy?' (I appreciate that the likelihood of my transfer being approved is low.)

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.
It's not unusual to get cold feet over a decision you made when you may not have been in possession of all the facts. Having said that it is not always the best thing to make decisions based on other peoples "dits". Submarines are complex fascinating pieces of kit but they definitely aren't to everyone's taste. My advice(for what it's worth) is to press on and base your decisions on personal experience. Once you get to sea on a boat you have about three months to complete a task book followed by a test. Failure to complete the book and failure of the test would probably send you back to surface ships anyway but if the life in boats suits you may never want to go back.
X(SM) is a branch that is in shortfall, however there are a) other GSX jobs that are in even worse shortfall and b) branch transfers are becoming easier.

Have you spoken to Navs and Ops about this?


Thanks for the advice so far.

Yes Alfred, I'm going through all the correct channels at the moment, been told to go away and have a think about it again just to make sure, thought I'd see what other people had to say, just out of interest really.
As a chap who found the Submarine Service was full when he'd volunteered for it, I am not sorry I remained GS.

If you get the running boat doing interesting stuff I'd suggest it was probably the best job in the RN. However, the disruption I see to my oppo's lives, the way in which everyone watchkeeps (even when alongside when you include OOD duties), and the attitude to programme changes, means that it can be pretty pump as well.

Honestly, if you think you'd prefer GS(X), I'd stay GS(X) and fight for it.