Consider this...

There was an article a while back about a little old lady who spends all her time going on cruises. She travels the world, has her bed made every night by a steward who's on call plus 3 meals a day. All the cruise ships crews know her and look after her (she's American IIRC).

The reason she does it is because it's a lot cheaper than a care home and she gets looked after a damn sight better.

Makes you think.
sgtpepperband said:
I don't buy it as it says children can come and visit you 8O . I'd rather have the gun and precise instructions to the other half to shoot me the first time I go out with slippers on!
ps He's heading to the local rifle range to improve skills as I tap away 8O 8O
LOL omg someone else gets it!... you have no idea how many times my dad has said that!! if the government **** with the wrong people for too long they are going to be reeducated as to what disgruntled really means!!

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