Conshelf 20 - Diver or Diver's Yeo question

I've put this in Lil's 'cos EVERONE reads Lil's!

If you are/were a RN diver or Diver's Yeoman of a certain vintage, you'll be familiar with the good old Conshelf 1st and second stage.

In Guzz a couple of weeks ago I bought a couple of second stages with duff (split) exhaust diffusers. I have the RN manual and a very good online pdf manual. By exhaust diffuser, I mean the black rubber bit on the back where the bubbles come from!! Both manuals glibly state, in the style of a Haynes Manual, 'simply place in hot (200f) water and then carefully remove'.

What they meant was, scald yourself stupid and then rip all arm muscles while dislocating both shoulders - and that is just the easy bit, getting them off!

I eventually managed to get one back on, but had to use some tools and yes, split it putting it on.

So, the question. Is there a secret? Or an easy way to get the exhaust diffuser back on or off?
I presume you mean the second stage diaphragm?

Baby oil and allow to soak in a warm room (airing cupboard) for a couple of days.

Nope! the diaphragm is a piece of weewee! The actual hard plasticy exhaust bit under the mouth piece, on the right as in the picture I just had the brain storm to cut and paste!


Ex SADS too!!
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