Conscientious Objection


I saw in the Kate Muire column in the Times (Sat 18th Feb) a bit where she is describing travelling through London's east end and sees a poster saying "Do you know a muslim family with a son in the British Army? at ease....and we can help"
Mmm i'll have a look I think, and on its website it describes itself as an 'unincorporated voluntary group offering its services to members of the armed forces'.
It goes on further to say "Those who seek our help are those that find their personal needs or ambitions thwarted by the strict military regime in which everything is governed by the Queen’s Regulations"
On its information page there is only one bit of info...on..."Conscientious Objection".

The last time I looked our armed forces were volounteer only, so wouldn't a person with doubts not join in the first place. I read about the RAF reservist (who didn't want to go to Iraq I believe) and who was courtmartialled and thought that was a one off.

So I was wondering, do readers know if this is legal to advertise their services in this way ?, and what do rumrationers think of it generally ?


Lantern Swinger
I totally agree shipmate, the HM Forces are voluntary - the complete opposite to Conscription.

So my point on all this is - what a complete waste of resources and office space, why dont they get a grip, dispand and donate all their assets to SSAFA or the RBL or another "decent and useful" charity.

what a bunch of Dicks. the whole point of having our professional military is that only those who wish to fight can join. if as function has mentioned you are an objector - dont join. and if you were thick enough to join under the pretence that you picked a trade that is unlikely to go to places where the risk of lead poisoning is higher than average but suddenly discover you are going "sonny me-laddo" then stop winging, you took the money for X months/years so crack on and remember to clean your weapon.

Fcuking winds me up sh1t like this i am telling you.... theres these dicks who pull this crap and theres me who wanted to go but got injured and discharged....