Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Bandy_E, Feb 7, 2014.

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  1. Big breath in! What pop/rock songs evoke service memories, when, where, what?
  2. Thunderstruck AC/DC. Sitting in the NAAFI at Raleigh, having earned the privilege, with it playing on the video jukebox.

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  3. Walk right the Everly Bros.
    Reminds me of my first few months at Ganges when I wished the fcuk I could have walked right back.
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  4. Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys, Ranch House, Pompey 66/67.
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  5. Take on me - A-HA

    No 1 at Raleigh October 1985

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  6. Yeah....I was there for that....memories ?.....I had an American girlfriend who'd come to the UK to see me. I remember one Sunday we'd been shagging all afternoon in her hotel room......went to the Ranch House for liquid sustanance.....Good Vibes was on the jukebox.
  7. It was forever on the jukebox, when you walked in and when you walked out.
  8. Everything I do, I do for you. Bryan bl##dy Adams. 1991. Most of my first term at Sultan in Anson block every Sunday night when the chart was on the radio cos it was at No1 for forever.

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  9. After that Sunday afternoon.........I was vibrating a bit myself ! :compress:
  10. I got the impression that most of the split arses that frequented the place were doing that, too.

    Ignore that, just the bitter recriminations of an ugly man.
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  11. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road or Bennie and the Jets by Elton John

    Collingwood Bop 1975
  12. The whole ****ing gut wrenching discography of Johnny Cash and full BBC collection of Hancock's Half Hour, pre-embarkation November '67 for Singapore on SSNO3. We foolishly trusted our "favourite" RO to req the vinyl and celluloid for the trip. He hid himself away in fear for his life for the whole voyage.

    The Chinese Beatles at various Sembawang venues were sweet, sweet music after that.
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  13. Wild The Troggs........can't remember where, can't remember when....and I don't give a fook ! :headbang:....but its somewhere in the feel good memory bank.
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  14. Haslar, junior rates club '66, Helen F, oh yes, Helen F. :drool:
  15. Hotel California - The Eagles. Plate Block, 4th floor. Collingwood. Nice. Queues in the Southern Club at stand easy, trying to get a steak & kidney pie that was so hot when you bit into it that it took the roof of your mouth off...but it was all sorted after you quaffed a pint of fresh milk...
    ...and the stand easy tent at White City...but it didn't have any music in there...
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  16. Singapore, alongside, P.O's mess social about to start.
    Waiting for the guests to arrive, slightly concerned that they weren't going to turn up.
    "I Want to Break Free" by Queen blasting away on the mess sound system.
    The ladies of several national netball teams turn up.
    Best. Social. Ever.
    We always used that tune as a pre- social "lucky charm" afterwards but it was never as good.
  17. Sailing for my first (and only full) WIGS in November '88 and once away from the sound of the RM Band the old man had agreed (probably his idea knowing him) for 'Don't Worry Be Happy' by Bobby McFerrin to blast out whilst we were still at Alpha - followed by various other reggae/Caribbean music all the way out of the sound. Very happy days ahead on my favourite deployment ever.

    Also I'm sure I heard this in every bar/club I went into over the following 5/6 months...

    Crazy - Nani Wine (1989) CLASSIC - YouTube
  18. AAF

    AAF War Hero

    Naffi at Raleigh, you had to walk through the huge s/easy room to get to the bar at the far end where the juke box stood, as I entered 'I am the Walrus' struck up at full volume, hairs on the back of my neck stood up as it was the first time I had heard it.
  19. Turned out it was the Chief Wren Reg trying to get your attention maybe?
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  20. AAF

    AAF War Hero

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