Congrats on your rumour site Navy people, I hope it has the success of the Arrse site next door.

And for the crew that showed me great hospitality for a week onboard HMS Ambuscade in the South Atlantic in the late eighties, thank you, probably the best week I ever had in the Army.


Lantern Swinger
I know they are only Colonials, but we have a meeting of the Old Salts Club next week and will advise them of the site.

No doubt when the cricket team comes out here to give back the ashes they will be commenting
Glad weve now got the Navy on board - I can now ask all those questions that have been plaguing me for years
lfor instance:-
why dont ships have walls, floors, ceilings and toilets like all other normal places ???
is it true that above the bit you walk up to get on board has a sign by it t saying you can forget wine women and song - its rum bum and the gramophone from now on ?.
homosexuality didnt use to be an offence after three days at sea ?.
and that boats go under water while ships go on top ?
and finally - is it true that only women on board are allowed to buy tampons after a boat had to return to port because male matelots on board had bought all the tampons and thrown them over the side ????


Lantern Swinger
Don't let anyone fool you, osacin. There only two types of vessels - submarines and targets.

And forget the gramaphone = it's rum, bum and baccy. Well it was in my time
I add my congratulations. Up until now, the absence of a Royal Navy discussion site has been a great loss to those of us who try to try to support the Services' in Westminster.

While I shall post only occasionally in order to draw attention to what the Commons and the Lords are trying to do for you, I shall most certainly watch the discussions with great interest.
Great site lads, well done. I've been waiting for something like this to come along. I miss the old banter.

I have passed it on to the publisher of the newsletter for the HMS Courageous Society and it will be coming out in the next week or aso. Hope that bolsters the numbers and gets the dits going for you a bit more.

Loving every minute of the forums.


Oberons Knob :wink: :lol: HMS Courageous Society
sidon55 said:
Don't let anyone fool you, osacin. There only two types of vessels - submarines and targets.
I thought there were four types of vessel in the Andrew:-

Submarines, targets, concrete aircraft carriers (TEs) and bottled ships, the latter forming the bulk of the modern fleet: they're cheap, look impressive through a telescope (even more impressive through a microscope), float, and if half filled with vodka, could repel the Russian Fleet without a single cannon ball being fired from our flagship, HMS Victory.

sidon55 said:
And forget the gramaphone = it's rum, bum and baccy. Well it was in my time
As a lapsed Junior I wouldn't know about things like that 8O


Lantern Swinger
whitemouse said:
Just joined, having heard of this from an ex-squaddie chum, and having fun trawling the forums.
Anyone out there from the oldish navy (62/79) ?
Yah got one,or close,62-74.Mind you being an ex wafu you might not want to communicate.According to one of our members everybody hates us.! :(
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