Congrats on the site, havent got as clue where to post this but what the feck.

As ordered by the CO's us Army lads will let you lot settle in FOR A BIT!!!

But not to long mind................
Having read ARRSE with great interest over the last few months, it is great to see the Senior Service up and running at last.

BZ to all involved!!!
BFG_9000 said:
I'll echo my congratulations to the powers above.

Good Work CO type fellas !!!
I take it the boss round here will be known as 'the Admiral'.... or at least until it gets to an appropriate size, 'the Captain' :D
I'm sure by the end of this week I'll have roped in at least 3 Lt Comds, 2 Comds and a handful of RM Majs/Lt Cols. Maybe not always the initial target audience but always good to have in the background. Plus, they make nice tea. :)
My brother is ex matelot but he knows a hell of a lot still serving and ex in both RN and RNR so I'll pass the site address on... not much but I know for a fact at least 6 of them who would be interested in it. Congratulations on the site hope it's as successful as Arrse.


Lantern Swinger
I echo the sentiments above, in that it will hopefully become as popular amongst the Dark Blue as ARRSE has become amongst the green.

I name this site etc etc .... but do not want to waste good champagne breakiong bottles on its hull (or whatever!!). So I'll just drink it all for you!!

Good work on getting this site up and running, will start spreading the word. I know far too many Navy types as I hark from Plymouth.
Wa hey Pussers Goffers Run ashore, make a mends, stand fast, sippers shippers, uckers Shipmate !!! see I can talk the talk, best of british to rumration from a pongo stuck in the middle of mateloet land AYE !
Good effort on the site, guys. Got my AIB next week to transfer previous service from the Army to the RNR so glad to know I've still got somewhere to waste time if ARRSE kick me out as a traitor!!
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