Confusion with AFCO?

Good Evening all! I am currently serving in the RNR and am in my first year of A-levels, I have been given my predicted grades for which meet the 72 UCAS point threshold. I recently submitted my application for Aircrew Officer Pilot and just received a phone call telling me that you can only apply once in the second year of A-levels. To my understanding, it was possible to apply with predicted grades as this would also grant me a longer period of time to navigate the long joining process for a pilot (FATS, Flying Medical, AIB) Is it possible to apply in Year 12 with A-level predicted grades for entry?

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You can apply from age 15 but cannot join until 17 and after your results are published according to the Job Eligibility Matrix (JEM).

Snag is, quoting some bloke on the internet probably wont help much.


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