Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by bobby_1980, Dec 14, 2009.

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  1. I hope you're all sitting comfortably cos here goes.

    I've been looking at joining the RNR for some time but have questions that i'd be grateful if people could answer.

    I went on the Royal Navy website and requested information about the RNR, however, I received a RN brochure with no information about the RNR. I tried again on the internet and was told that I couldn't have a brochure as i'd already requested one so I called the number and was told i'd be sent the correct information, that never turned up.

    Then I tried calling my local training centre on numerous occasions but with no luck, so I sent an email to the address advertised on their site. However, I got no answer, that being 2 months ago.

    I'm not being put off by these teething problems and thought i'd turn to people on here for honest and accurate information.

    Now for the questions:

    1. I enquired on here some time ago about joining as an officer. However, I have also read on here that DE Officers are no longer being taken on, although the RN website says otherwise. What is the current position?

    2. With the various trades (and lack of information on the RN website) I wonder if someone could give me an accurate summary of what work in the various branches entails for both Rating and Officer (but only bother with officer if I could apply DE!)

    I'll hang fire before I ask any more questions...

    Thanks in advance.
  2. You won't get any detailed information on the website you're better off going down to an AFCO and speaking to a recruiter.
  3. Not my experience of AFCO knowledge of the Reserve, I have to say.

    This may be asking the obvious, but did you phone your local unit between 1945 & 2130 on a drill night? My unit, for example, has no-one in except on a Thu evening.

  4. I've tried an AFCO before, though it was a while ago to be fair. I found that their knowledge of the reserves was almost non existant - their answer being to contact my nearest unit!

    I tried my nearest unit during the day and during a training night, but no answer at either time of day!
  5. It like being in the real Navy only at weekends! And you get more badges!
  6. Join the TA. Your experience of the RNR thus far is quite typical of how well run it is.

    I await incoming, but y'all know it's true.
  7. I can remember a senior officer commenting that people joined the RNR in spite of the recruiting effort, rather than because of it...

  8. i aint got no extra badges :cry:
  9. have to agree with Dunkers on this one, feel I have wasted 17 years of my life. :cry:
  10. I hope that man becomes an Admiral.
  11. Lol!
  12. Which part of the country are you in?
  13. Agreed.

    I left the full time RN and was well keen on joining the RNR, unfortunately the complete gangfcuk I encountered at HMS President caused me to rethink things considerably.

    I joined the TA instead and have never looked back. I do miss the banter of the RN which is a bit watered down in the TA, (hence why I post on this site more than Arrse) but it's still a good crack and despite Gordon Brown's best efforts to close us down we still manage to get amongst it.

    TA: it's for winners.
  14. Froggit,

    I'm in the North West.
  15. am in the north west meself mate am lookin on goin in rnr soon as i have got me secuirty clearance.
  16. AFAIK no DE Officers no more. This is a good thing. Go and do Raleigh and enjoy the JR mess for a bit first. Who knows - you might decide you like it better! The kicker is if you do this you've options - but once you do your AIB and Darthmouth there's no going back!

    I can't speak for branch work as officer and rating for all branches. There's obviously more paperwork and management to do as a rank.

    The thing to do mate is persevere with your local RNR unit. Which one is it? If you're not having luck getting thru then ask an RR member to PM you which night their drill night is or the email/phone no of their New Entry PSI who will help.

  17. Seems to change regularly but I've heard someone joining my unit in Jan is going DE - think it might be unit by unit basis. Or they are lying to me...

    I was on DE but jumped off of it for a lot of the reasons SoylentGreen mentions - my plan is now to do Raleigh, go into a branch do a tour or two then look to go for officer. I hope in the long run that will make me a better officer than I would of been going DE.
  18. If you guys are NW is Scouseland your local unit? If so I am surprised that the scousers are not answering the phone.Try after 10 before 12 after 2 and before 3.30 you know what the rn are like ashore. Or persistantly on a wed evening.
  19. PM Inbound

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