Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Sharkey, Sep 22, 2012.

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  1. Confucius he say, "children are like farts, you like your own but not other peoples"
  2. Did he also say, 'Me no likee blitish sailor' or was that Nancy in the Nelson Bar?
  3. Nurse who shag at coast maybe get it under doc.
  4. "no hot stim no flukkin dhobey!"
  5. Belly velly jolly, bum go plenty ha ha
  6. Sex like Royal Navy, the closer you get to discharge, better you feel.
  7. Vicar who fuck in field have piece on earth
  8. How long.... you stay Hong Kong ?

    WTF am I doing talking this shit ?:tongue3:
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  9. Women who cooks meat and peas in same pot unhygienic
  10. You confused
  11. Man who keeps hands in pockets feels cocky all day.

    Well someone had to say it!
  12. Arrive at Kai tac, after shoving luggage trolley round for a while unable to find way out I asked a passing slope, left, right, left right etc then you reach door, turn round go through door backwards you in car park, so I find the door and starts to go through, wife says, he said go through backwards, bollocks says smart arse shoving the door open onto a steep downward ramp, all the luggage fell off the trolley…………..bastard.
  13. But no suplies to us, we know you flukin irriot.
  14. Funny that, wife said something similar.
  15. Confucious he say ... Virgin is like balloon ... one prick and pop!
  16. A journey of 1000 miles begins with one step.

    Attributed to Mao Tse Tung but actually the slope that wrote the Art of War (I think!)
  17. Sounds like a Sun publication to me
  18. Woman who cooks meat & peas in same pot most unhygenic
  19. Sun Tzu is the man who wrote the Art of War, he also wrote "Who You Looking At" and "Did You Spill My Pint"
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  20. That's the dude! I just couldn't be arsed Googling it! I didn't know about his other 2 books though!!

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