Confirmation that the wreck found off Malta in 2019 is the submarine HMS Urge


Last week, divers led by Professor Timmy Gambin of the University of Malta carefully examined the wreck found in 2019 and identified it positively as HMS Urge. They took videos and photos and obtained details missed during the ROV inspection of 2019. A 3-D image will be produced in time. At the time of discovery, there was little doubt that this was HMS Urge as no other 'U' class submarine was known to have been lost in the North East Searched Channel that she used on her final voyage.

The name can clearly be seen on the port side of the conning tower. In 2019, the ROV had only examined the starboard side which had deteriorated with time and where the letters were hardly visible. Some doubters had even expressed the opinion that the wreck was that of HMS Pandora although there are notable differences in size and features between the two submarine classes!

The submarine was lost shortly after she sailed from Malta for Alexandria on 27 April 1942. She fell victim to a mine laid by the German 3rd Schnellbootflottille (MTBs) on 20 April 1942 (minefield MT 13). There were no survivors.

The wreck is a war grave and will not be disturbed.