Confirmation on Warfare Officer Training Pipeline

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by G11, May 18, 2011.

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  1. G11


    Hello folks, thanks for checking out this thread, as the title states I am looking for information regarding the training pipeline for a surface warfare officer post- BRNC. I would greatly appreciate any up to date information anyone has.

    As I understand it, after the initial two terms at BRNC a further 14 weeks are spent at BRNC on the IWO (Foundation) course, following this:

    • 4 weeks at HMS Collingwood for IWO (NAV) course
    • Work towards navigational watch certificate
    • IWOC (could anybody confirm the length of this course?)
    • Further down the line, PWO, (13 months)
    If any of these pieces of information are incorrect please feel free to correct them.

    Many thanks
  2. I can tell you now, you won't be doing your PWO course 13 months after passing out of BRNC.
  3. I think he was implying PWO course is 13 months long; you're right though, you're looking at about 10 - 12 years of service first!
  4. G11


    Thanks for checking out the thread guys, yes i was implying that it would be a 13 month long course,however, i am under no illusions regarding the amount of service time required to progress to that stage.
  5. Wow a budding PWO already. You carry on fella! IWOC is 14 weeks but you have SFT before that which is 9 months to get 900 bridge hours (never going to happen atm but we shall see!)

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