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Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by RN_Commando, Jan 16, 2009.

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  1. Microsoft have released a fix to this.
  2. Linux
  3. Another bonus sitting in front of a Mac.

    Knock em if you will but there a way fewer virus out there hitting Mac's. No doubt the day will come. But as long as Gates software had locked kernals it will attract hackers and malware.
  4. I use Nod32 :)

    Oh, and Waspie, I'd rather get the odd virus than use one of those "computers" ;)

  5. My genius 17 yr old son has got the effing thing on his laptop I am cleaning it up now and here is what to do. Download Stinger [ do a google] Run stinger and set it to blast what it finds.then get yer M$ patch which is eff all use after you ahve the bug.DO NOT SIGN UP TO OR BUY ANY SHITE THAT OFFERS TO CLEAN UP YER MACHINE . some of the shite is from hackers who will only add to yer woes. Stinger is free. When stinger has finished [it may take hours if you ahve a loas of shite on yer PC ] Update all yer firewall and anti-virus stuff. Sensible folks use AVG Free and Zonealarm {free fire wall}. Yer windoze firewall is bugger all use.
    Believe me, I have cleaned about 15 PC's since Xmas of one trojan or another .Mac or Linux is the way to go.
  6. You reminded of life before I changed. I used Linux for a while when I suffered my final Windows freeze, then I bit the bullet and went Mac, no regrets.

    I'm glad Stinger is still going, useful wee prog. Shame McAfee don't advertise it more. I used to hate the weekly, Windows regime of updates , cleans and purging. Run AV, then Adaware, followed by a dose of Window Washer, what a pain.

    Haven't had anti virus progs on any of my Macs. Firewall is set to stealth. (I.e. invisible to searchers).
  7. Could not afford a Mac so I went for linux Waspie. Using various flavours for about 8 years now. I currently have about 10 PC's which I rescued from skips and liberated from recycling centers :wink: > I reckon that I may have scavenged about 100+ machines to make the ones that I have now. Yer Macs are ,from what I hear,the best for doing graphics and photies and design.M$ is for general ******* about and catching trojans.
  8. PS if you look at the spread of this latest threat you will see that it is spreading out from china. Anyone notice the post from spammer about water pipes on this site ? anyone thick enough to click on his link ? Tut -tut
  9. Ooooooooooooooo this is a dirty one. it is preventing the updates on everything on my sons vista laptop. I am downloading the cleaners on my machine and transfering via USB.just for what its worth our upload was showing 20k's while his machine was on line.
  10. All these members going on about Linux and Mac software and never getting a virus. The fact is that no hacker worth his or her salt would waste time on a fringe system. Microshaft basically have total monopoly when it comes to PC Operating Systems, at least by numbers used worldwide so it stands to reason that they would have massively more attacks than non league OS's like those mentioned. :)
    If you have a third party firewall and good anti virus software (I use a Belkin N1 Vision for Firewall and NoD 32 is my AV of choice) then generally you won't have any problems, but its no use have the biggest strongest door on the estate if you don't lock it! Be careful how you surf the web and make sure that your AV is fully integrated into your Email software. Better to wait a few seconds for a scan of your emails than waste hours trying to sort out a virus, losing all of your pictures etc when you end up formatting!
  11. Bank cash points? Linux
    Tescos self-service checkouts ? Linux
    Library of Congress, USA ? Linux
    Portuguese Ministry of Justice ? Linux
    New Zealand's Inland Revenue ? Linux
    United States Postal Service ? Linux

    Just to mention a few,Oh and dont forget that practically all mobile phones are Linux based. M$ is mainly used by home-users who think that sending an email is the height of human achievment.
  12. Mate have another look at my post, I used the term PC meaning PERSONAL COMPUTER which I'm sure even you'll agree, fits in with the whole of my post. :)

    As for corporate computing, of course those companies (and lots more) use the likes of Linux based Operating Systems, they're FREE and only have to do one thing (basically spreadsheet type computing), as opposed to pretty much anything that you can think of doing with a PC running an MS based OS. ;)
  13. Lamri,Lamri ,Lamri, where have we gone wrong tsk tsk tsk.
    Linux is only free for private and charitable use [including schools ] corporations pay for "Enterprise " versions [at about 10% of the cost of M$ ]. I use Linux for graphics including photies [although all the real graphics folk say Mac is the only way to go in that field] My son uses a Linux PC that I have set up purely for music composition, editing and recording [Studio 64 on an old HR Vectra wot i got in a skip] I don't do any gaming so can't comment there. Same No1 son has XP on his laptop what is always giving grief due to the holes in all dem chat things ,arsebook etc.
    What has delayed Linux take up was the lack of drivers due to softwear and hardware tie-ups that M$ have with manufacturers,illegal of course as the current crop of court actions is showing.But all the main brands of PC now have a linux option and the printer ,scanner makers are all releasing their source codes to the Open Source community at last. Only 2 years ago I had a pain in me vagina trying to get printers to work at all, now most do so out of the box or with a little tweaking with a 7lb maul.


    India is takin up Linux big time as linkie below shows
  14. 10% the cost of Microsoft is seen as FREE to corporations that make millions in profit ;)

    "I use Linux for graphics" - hmm, sounds like one use to me.
    "Linux PC purely for music" - again with the single use.
    "don't do gaming" - no, you can't.
    "XP always giving grief" - by you're own admission this is due to his using it "in all dem chat things" that no doubt he or you have allowed full access through the very firewalls that are there to stop the grief!

    Erm, the "current crop of court actions" are about Internet Explorer being shipped with the OS. It isn't illegal at all, in fact it makes sense. People want to be able to take the thing out of the box and get online, something you can't do with Linux. I don't even use IE but I don't mind the fact that it is there. Just another vain case brought by a rubbish EU consortium backed by small fry European companies making a crap product that can't get anywhere in a free market.

    BTW, tried Ubuntu, both versions, and whilst they are nice to look at, and ok if you want to type a letter, they are, to be honest, pretty rubbish if yo want to use your PC for what it was designed for, that is, anything!

    Oh, and if you want to talk down to anyone again on this thread, get your fcuking facts straight.

  15. I sympathise with some of your points - I run several versions of Linux (Fedora, Ubuntu, PCLOS; have also used Mandriva), and it's annoying when you can't do certain things (e.g. download BBC Iplayer episodes, although you can still watch them online), but the fact is it can do pretty much most things, and is largely invulnerable to security threats. The fact that that's because it has a smaller user base is one of the virtues of it, from my POV.

    I stopped using MS because it was so vulnerable and because it was - esp. when it reached Vista - a deadweight on my systems. Increasingly notebooks are being shipped with Linux and more and more firms (Samsung for instance) are starting to design peripherals with Linux in mind (including shipped drivers etc.) Both MS and Linux as you say have different uses, but there's little I can do with windows I can't do with Linux. If I was going to design I'd use a Mac anyway, so that's a moot point (I've never used a Windows-based system for design), and I use consoles for games so...It's perfectly capable of fulfilling average home user uses which is why more and more suppliers are offering it, with notebooks, laptops and desktops. Five years ago you couldn't go into PCWorld and see Linux-based systems offered with a range of models; now you can.

    I respect your points - you're absolutely right that the functionality of MS-based systems offers things Linux can't at the moment, but I think certain distros can do a lot more than you give them credit for, and the added peace of mind is a bonus. Not having to worry about stuff like this virus is fine by me - it's just a question of preference.
  16. Post deleted because I don't like people being talked down to on one of my forums.
    Please try not to keep talking down to people, or I will keep deleting your posts, Thank You :)
  17. Firstly thank you for your level headed post :)
    I completely agree with eveything you've said by the way, although AT THE MOMENT Microshaft offer the better option all round, I am not blinkered and can see that the market is very quickly opening up. This can only be a good thing for the consumer. I just hope that interoperability will come with it. It certainly took its time regarding MS and MAC.

    Regarding Viruses, I stand by what I said earlier regarding numbers of people using MS, and lax firewall/AV use.
  18. Who was talking down?

    4to8 I really can't be bothered to keep warning you.
    If you wish to keep it up, for reasons known only to yourself, then please do so via PM where it can be ignored and I can keep these threads clear for the purpose clean debate.
    Thank You.

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