Condoms 'too big' for Indian men


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andym said:
LOL,i just posted this in Current Affairs!!!!

Found it funny andy, did you look at the second part.
Reminds me of how Guinness increased their sales in Singapore many years ago. They let a roumer circulate that if you drank Guinness your todger would increase in size. Net result...... Many Chinese males switching to Guinness.


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Which reminds me>>>>>>>>>>>>>

A guy goes into a chemist and says to a rather lovely looking assistant, please me I have a packet of Condoms. Certainly Sir, which size do you require, what do you mean says he. Well the condoms must fit exactly to prevent accidents and also to enhance you and your partners pleasure. Well I never says he I did not know that.
The assistant says, look I will help you out here, go round the back and push your cock through the letter box and I will be able to size you up. So the guy goes round the back and slides a massive great big pocket python through the letter box. The assistant gasps at the size of it, and loosing control she whips hers kecks of and jumps onboard. After the event she tells the guy to come around to the front of the shop. When he gets back the girl says, how many condoms Sir??, **** the condoms love, give me three of those letter boxes. 8)


I felt a real fool when Andym explained to me that the bit on the end of the condom is called 'the reservoir' and is actually a miniature slop tank. RN scablifters are pretty smart.

I'm just a dumb bootie and for years I thought that it was for putting your foot on when you take them off.