Conditioning for running/endurance

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Bayhearts, Aug 23, 2016.

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  1. Anyone got any workout plans or routines that get the legs strengthened and able to cope with running and active sports?

    Been following a 5x5 strength routine but it seems to be too heavy/strenuous for the sports I'm wanting to do!

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  2. That will get you stronger at sprints a d short duration you need to keep running try out the Nike running app and there are loads of plans on there. I'm doing 5k plan and I have knocked so much time of my old pb

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  3. Search for tommo and contact him, he is known for doing a bit of endurance training?
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  4. Strength training is a waste of time for running/endurance. I've weight trained for 5 years, was 16 stone when I applied and my running/cardio was terrible. Dropped down to almost 13 stone and my legs are half as strong as they were in terms of the weight they can lift but my running has improved dramatically.

    My advice for any kind of training is simple - whatever it is you want to improve on then just do that very thing. In other words you don't bench press to improve your pushups, just do pushups. Same with running if you want to improve then don't over complicate things just go out and run for as long as you can until you feel like you're going to collapse, have 2 days off and the next time you run that distance will be a little further, rinse and repeat that is how the body adapts.

    The only way this method will fail is if you don't actually push yourself to failure, in that case your body has no reason to become fitter/stronger for the next run, it is all mind games, you say to yourself you can't go on any more but I bet if I put a gun to your head you could do another mile..
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  5. Ht you remind me of the old PTI, when you are flat on your back, gasping for air, they would kick you and tell you to get up and run as you weren't dead yet? Bastards they were.

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