Concerns about a rash.


Hello, i am from a commonwealth country and i came to join the rn but only a month away from my joining of hms Raleigh, i noticed a rash but it is not contagious and it has now become multiple on my skin at the same area on my thigh. I have no extra money to check it out at a private doctor so i have no idea what it is. I would like to know if this would disqualify me from joining.:(



Can you not go to a local NHS surgery to see one of the GPs there?
I have went to an NHS clinic but they said that i have to be an NHS patient and that i would have to go to a private walk in.
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They had no idea of what it may be and that a test might have to be done.


Chunky, where is your nearest large town? I'm going to suggest that you talk to the nearest Royal Navy Careers Advisors and also to the walk-in clinic at the local hospital, if there is one.

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