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As I am not about to grow a full set (despite how ruggedly handsome it makes me :wink: !), I am coming to terms with the fact that I should actually shave every day. Hence the question I now want to ask is thus: What is the best razor?

Recently (by recently I actually mean regularish attempts this year) I have been making some shambolic attempts with the cutthroat razor, which promises to be quite stylish, if time-consuming and having to be quite skilled. I haven't actually managed to 'cut my own throat' yet (which is actually impossible if one shaves correctly) but I have made a few nicks here and there. Mostly the trouble I've been having is sharpening the blade, which is as tricky a skill as shaving with the open blade. I'll confess I'm near to the point now where I am considering giving up with the cutthroat and picking up again with the safety razor, but then again the cutthroat was a little bit expensive so I'm a touch reluctant to dispense with it quite yet!

On the other hand the safety razor is quite effective and relatively speedy. It is not required to possess any skill really, and when the blade is blunt, one simply replaces it. However, consistently purchasing new blades can be an expensive habit, and if blades are for whatever reason unavailable then the razor becomes useless as there is no method for sharpening it. However, it is possible to shave without a mirror, if necessary, and usually without many cuts!

Its been many years (four) since I stopped using the electric razor, which wasn't all that bad, I suppose. Its by far the quickest razor to use and it can be used blind, suffice to say in the dark. However, cleaning the razor out can be a rotten nuisance, and time-consuming. Also an electrical mains supply is required to charge the battery. I've never had to replace the blades in an electric, but I imagine that would be quite costly.

But here we go. In order to help me decide what razor I should use, I'd like to ask the chaps exactly what is the best razor?


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For ease and timeliness I use a good quality Braun (I can't believe I'm in a post about shaving - it'll be interior decorating next ..sheeesh) electric - the blades are no more expensive than a wet razor to replace which you do once a year or so. However about once a week I enjoy a wet shave, apparently it is not a bad thing to vary your method and you do get a much closer shave, or at least I do if I give myself the time! Just bought one of those orange five bladed jobbies and was well impressed.

And now I need to get out more......
Noooooooooooooooooo. Get yourself a good badger hair shaving brush (yes, you can still get them) and a pot of Trumper's shaving cream. Lather your face using hot water than shave using either the sharp cutthroat or if you prefer, a safety razor, repeatedly rinsing the blade in hot running water and shaving with the flow of the hairs on your face, to avoid cutting yourself. Afterwards rince your face with cold water and apply skin balm.

You might like to avail yourself of a visit to Trumpers in Mayfair (you need to pre-book as it's very popular) who do a session which teaches you how to shave properly. I can recommend it.

Alternately just grow a bread: after all, beards are as natural as naturism!


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We are talking about shaving around one's face aren't we?? :???:
Different razor for use around ones bollox I think!!!! :lol: Well don't you think about your bikini line??? :grin: :grin: :grin:


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Philishave coolskin, had it 5 years never had to replace the blades, still fast and charges onboard! No sideburn trimmer though so mach 3 for tidy up work!


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I use a Philishave but its not as good as a wet shave. When I was on killicks course we had to do a 5 minute talk. One of the guys spoke on electric razors for his 5 minutes. Extremely interesting, seems that you need to test various types to see which is best for you. At that time there were Philishave (rotary heads) Remington (so good I bought the company)(vibrating blades) and Ronson (foil head) You needed to try the various types and decide which was the most suitable for your skin type and beard type.