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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by arkvoodle94, Jan 16, 2013.

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  1. Hi all,

    Just got a few issues eating away at me at the moment, just wondered if anybody can help me out?
    I passed my RNAC back in November 2012 and im due for entry at HMS Raleigh on the 17th Feb 2013.
    I got on well at the RNAC but the only niggle is my swimming! I swam the 50m fine but the test with the overalls was hard for me and i went under :/

    So my question is, will i recieve any assistance at Raleigh if i fail to pass the test in week one or is that my Navy journey finished?
    I am heading down to the pool as much as i can, i'm possibly the worlds worst swimmer, sink like a rock hahah!

    Any tips and guidance will be much appreciated and taken onboard.

    Thanks Again - Amrit

    My RNAC results were:

    1.5 mile run: 10:24
    Press ups: 40
    Sit ups: 39
    Swim: 50m (Without overalls)

    Bed making, dicipline etc all fine otherwise
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  2. Ask if you can practice in your local pool with clean overalls. Then it comes down to practice, practice, practice.

    Try and float as opposed to swimming like a mad man. You should then only need small movements in your arms and legs to keep you afloat. Remain calm at all times. They will not let you drown, so concentrate on your task and chill. It really is easy.
  3. When I joined matey I could pratt around in the local swimming baths but couldn't 'actually' swim!!!!

    Don't sweat it. Although you have to be capable of swimming in the RN, they don't ask for olympic stars. Just plain ordinary folk like us!

    You'll learn to swim/float/survive - trust me!! (Did I say that!!)
  4. I echo what Froggers says. It's when you start thrashing around that you start to sink. You need to practice going fast enough to move but slow enough that you don't drive yourself down if that makes sense.

    Tortoise and hare in water so to speak, slow and steady wins every time.
  5. Swimming is easy - think long and slow, long and slow.

    Long - stretch into the stroke.

    Slow - slowly.

    Stretch into the stroke, slowly. Think long and slow, long and slow.

    By the 17th Feb, if you think long and slow, you'll crack at least 500 metres.

  6. Thanks for all the support and reply's i really do appreciate your input!
    I was planning on floating on my back so to say instead of a vertical tread, i tend to be more buoyant that way. As for the actual swim i'll try to do the 50m with a front crawl/backstroke variety? i cant get my legs and arms to work out breast stroke but i'm off down the pool tomorrow to get some practise in!

    Just another quick question, How would you describe jumping off the 3m diving board? never done that in my life!

  7. Er falling
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  8. Role the sleeves and legs up on yer ovvies! When you jump in the air is trapped, whereby you have a home made life jacket! Worked for me in 86! (Up there for thinking.....down there for dancing)
  9. Hahaha that's genius! I'm all up for ways to get myself through this swim test!
  10. I struggled but made it.
    Can't recall ever needing it in my whole time in the Navy.
    Not like I was on the Coventry :)
  11. With a soggy ending.
  12. I echo most of the others. Was a crap swimmer when I joined and found it a bit of a struggle but got there in the end and now, although thirty-five years on, I'm happy as a Tory laughing at the poor when in the water.

    As you've said you're a relatively competent swimmer anyhow I'm sure you will be fine. Good luck.
  13. May sound obvious but have you thought about booking a few private swimming lessons ?
    There's time before the 17th Feb and swimming has always struck me as a skill it's good to have an instructor for, at least in the beginning so they teach you the right technique. Don't try to keep your head out of the water all the time.
    Even watching pro's on a Youtube clip may help.
    it must be hard to struggle with swimming but it's like riding a bike. Once you get going , you'll do just fine.
    Good luck and all the best.
  14. Pay attention. Think long and slow.

    Swimming - Do breast stroke, especially in ovies.

    Treading water. Upright and same same, long and slow. First practise not drowning. Assume the treading water position then stop moving. You will start to sink. Allow yourself to go under. Move. Arms or legs. Slowly. Slightly. You will surface again. This is not drowning. Move slowly - stay afloat. Stop moving or flap about - you'll sink. Think long and slow. Stretch your arms out and move them slowly. Move your feet/legs slowly. Long and slow. You can now tread water.

    Swimming. Breast stroke. Shallow end, about chest deep. Stand about 5 paces from the edge and breast stroke slowly to egde. Stretch into the stroke. The arms move slightly before the legs. Move back a few paces and repeat. Move back and repeat. See how slowly you can go. Think long and slow. You should be able to breath quite easily while swimming slowly, so just keep on going, long and slow. When you're feeling more comfortable, after 10/20 minutes or so, think stronger. Long and slow but stronger. You'll find that you increase your speed.

    Congratulations, you can now swim. Report on your success here after your next session.

    Did I mention long and slow?
  15. I don't know if, by the above, you're referring to the swim in ovies or not. If you are, then don't. As alluded to by Taffd and others, definitely use breaststroke for the ovie swim. Trying to draw your arms over your head when they're covered in soaking cloth is a recipe for disaster. If you do find you are a complete numpty at breaststroke and keep making like an anchor then consider sidestroke, it's quite relaxing and good for long distances.
  16. I feel your pain. As a gash swimmer I too was terrified that my **** swimming was going to cost me a career and possibly my dignity.

    Fortunately, I stopped being a hom almost the second I worried about it and decided to survive / float / win, no matter what.

    Man up, nut up and don't **** up. Unless you have no limbs you will pass.
  17. You went under in the Swimming test? What role did you apply to, i seen that some RNAC's were on pass/fail basis.
    And is the 4 minute time limit to swim 50m's mince? or is it hard, i've not swam in ages so i wouldn't know the distance/time thing.
    And sorry for asking a question on your thread
  18. Submariners usually only have to swim upwards, so I would suggest having a go at being one.
    Swimming along, across and from side to side is reserved for hotel swimming pools when
    they dish out the subsistence.

  19. Let's hope he's not called Bob......
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