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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by WeslhBlueNose, Mar 29, 2010.

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  1. My son is at Raleigh at the moment, wanted to join the Navy since aged 12.

    Just heard he has injured his ankle and been told to rest it for rest of the week and to watch the drill training and other things he cant do. But he's ok to swim etc.

    I am hoping he is not putting this injury on, as he finds it tough. Tried texting him to tell him to push as much as possible.

    Would the MO/instructors say this to him? Would he be back classed?
    I'm just praying he isn't blowing a chance of a lifetime!

  2. If someone is genuinely injured then the staff will do what is best to keep them in their current class. If they get back-classed or transfered to Stonehouse Division (the holding Division). Then if they are in a small specialisation it can impact on them getting their phase 2 (Specialisation) training done.

    I have heard of some people being asked to leave the RN and re-join when there is availability in their chosen branch. However, the RN will do their best to keep your son, unless it becomes untenable.

    Hope all goes well


  3. If it's bad he'll be placed in stonehouse division, where all the injured mongs and biffs end up,( obv genuine cases in there but you know...) get the piss ripped out of him, and do sh*t jobs as far as he is capable until he either goes mental or his ankle heals and is fit to resume training. Otherwise just post him a pac of tic tacs with loads of codine in.

    Best of luck to him.
  4. Raleigh and Stonehouse Division are geared up for this. There's at least one injury per class and very few have to leave.

    I wouldn't worry about it, if he's as motivated as you say he'll stick at it. I would imagine it's not too bad if he's only got to rest it for a week and hasn't been backclassed yet.

    Good luck to him, tell him not to get depressed about it and remain positive.
  5. It's difficult to do this as there is always someone watching and the MO would suss him out fairly sharpish. Depending on which week of training that he is in and how much he misses of the mandatory elements, and the prognosis of his injury will dictate whether he is training extended or not.
  6. Cheers for the replies. One more question if there was a 'problem' with him would we be informed? as he is under 18?
  7. Yes has he's under 18 they would normally phone you if there was any problem.


  8. My old man did his ankle on basic. Because he wasn't a total liability they endured his company for a further round and got him through in the end. Them was the days when they were in dire need though, they'll feed your nipper to the sharks and come up with some cock and bull story about how they sent him off on a ship.
  9. Yes any real problems then you would be informed, as we have taken over the "duty of care". We would always try to persuade the recruit to contact home before we do, failing that then you should have a contact number at Raleigh for you to be able to speak to his DI/DO. Dont worry about doing this as we are used to it. Hope this helps.

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