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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by hobbit, Nov 12, 2006.

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  1. The introduction and development of the PC and WWW has certainly had an enormous impact on the industrial world, warfare, education and on a personal level well the skies the limit. Playing games with someone on the other side of the globe, email instantaneous contact, audio video contact with friends and family, access to so much knowledge and information the mind has an endless supply of detail.
    As one who was born when the phone and radio was high tech sometimes the new gadgets are a bit awesome particularly with what the bad guys can do. With my PC I am able to watch TV while I do other things. With the software I can simply dictate to my machine and it types what I say or gets the program I ask for.Information galore at the touch of a key.
    On a more personal note it serves me well if I feel a bit isolated although I avoid the chat lines . The Pussers sites are great for someone who has been on the beach for a long time and I have been contacted by "old ships".I don't strike many familiar names though and wonder how many are still around or simply cant be bothered with the new gadgetry.
    I have a program that blocks the nasties as I have no interest in many of the things available on the web. There's anough of the good stuff to keep me happy. I must admit, I would be lost without my PC and although I refuse to admit addiction. How do other R&Rers view the web? Do you go for any nasties? Could you manage without your PC now or are you addicted?

  2. Hi, Hobbit.
    I only got a pc last crimble and I'm still on a big learning curve. I'm in my 50's but I've been working with some hitech stuff for a while, mostly hardware. I've got most of the jargon now but I confess I don't always know what I'm actually saying :oops:
    I enjoy poking about on the net as there can be some really funny stuff but there are a lot of sites I wouldn't go to twice. 8O
    My better half lost her camera last year so we got a digital one and the pc is really spot on for viewing and editing. Cut down the expense of printing pics that were u/s or were duplicated.
    On the whole, I think the new tech is more useful rather than just another toy though as always some people will abuse whatever you put in their hands :wink:
    Still, the net/www will never replace sitting in your local nattering with your mates.
    Cheers, DickyB
  3. Good one DickyB,
    Yes I picked things up by trial and error mainly although before retirement I did have limited use in connection with my job. Since then with XP and next Vista the plot thickens. With the web cams,it seems a lot of people are not too keen on them I suspect because of some of the dangers therein. Magic though with friends or those you know, face to face and all that.
    With my Logitech webcam I can appear in a number of characters including a dinosaur( second childhood job)Yes , love it all, rocket science to me,I agree with your last comment though the net/www will never replace sitting in your local nattering with your mates. and it reminds me of when the landlord of my local put a TV in the bar. Didn't last long with us dart players . That is a danger of the machine taking over but I'm not a game fanatic and take frequent breaks
  4. Guy's Hi ...

    If you are surfing the net all time & are unsure about your spyware then the stuff I use might be able to help?

    After years on the net I thought I had it cracked. I had AVG anti-virus + Lavasoft's Adawear + Spybot search & destroy ...... All 3 running at once at times various!! However, things became slower over the years & sometimes I could not shut down without actually pulling the fuckin' plug!! It gets fairly technical with me now but basically, I was firefighting with some Dudes late one night & they put me onto "eAcceleration" who run the "Stopsign Anti-virus".

    Shitfaced, & at 2 in the morning, I paid my£15 there & then so they could 'rape' my machine & sure enough there was a Trojan Horse turning me over (How long had that been there??). My screen saver is a fab picture of Sophie Ellis Bextor (Yeah I know, sorry!) & this horse had duplicated her & was 'working' behind the "new" screensaver!! As much as I would like to take Sophie from behind ..... you can imagine that this was real bad news & doing me untold damage eh?

    So, after my 30 day trial, I paid my subscription, which is £35 per year & now they just do thier thing 24/7 all day everyday to wit (Free!!!) on line support is available. Imagine not talking to an Indian call centre??

    It's American, It works & It's Oh!so very worth it ..... Any help??


    P.S. Most "Mouse Potatoes" I firefight with do not use Norton.
  5. This is my first PC, and I've had it for about a year now.
    I was a little leery of joining the online generation, and I told myself it was just going to be a tool (organise finances, pay bills, etc.). That mindset lasted until I actualy turned it on! That first day I must have sat there for 6 hours straight as the information came pouring out of the screen and into my little bird brain.
    I've found, that in the midst of all the garbage cluttering up the information superhighway, there a several priceless gems:
    I've connected with my late fathers old WW11 unit reunion organisation.
    I've seen my old ship from space.
    I can even videochat with my sister, niece, and grandnephew in another state.
    And of course there's RumRation.

    As an aside to moojuice on security:
    My machine came with a trial subscription to Norton 2005, and it sucked, it seemed to do more harm than good.
    I got rid of it and tried AOL safety and security center, and it was worse! Everything got through.
    I finaly bit the bullet, and got Norton 2007, and there is a world of difference. Paired with spyware cleaner from SecureComputer, LLC, all's well (so far).
  6. Hi folks

    I've been messing around with computers for years (built my first ZX80 in 1979). In regard to viruses, spyware etc I have over the years tried the lot and have finally settled on the following configuration:
    McAfee Security Suite (but didn't load the Privacy or Spamkiller as these will slow down your system).
    Webroot Spy Sweeper
    I found that this comibation works well and I haven't been infected for many years now.
    A peace of advice I was given regarding Norton was if you are running a Network then use it but do not use it on a single PC as it has a tendency to slow your system down something rotten.
    Also as extra protection I run everything (LAN and Wireless connections) through a NETGEAR router which gives you the added protection of another firewall.
    I agree that the web doesn't beat sitting down the pub with your mates and having a good chin wag but I suspect the majority of us on RR have old mates spread across the globe and this is the only way to reminisce and swap stories etc.

  7. I agree that the web doesn't beat sitting down the pub with your mates and having a good chin wag but I suspect the majority of us on RR have old mates spread across the globe and this is the only way to reminisce and swap stories etc.

    Very true although I wonder if the pub and chinwag ( love that word) will eventually go the way of the many other friendly practices that make life so pleasant, sure hope not
  8. Chin wagging in pubs was dealt a blow when the drink driving laws came in- at the moment its going through another crisis ,in Scotland the banning of smoking in Public places has killed a lot of pubs and clubs .

    As for computers -got mine about six years ago and it has become a bit addictive --however I am on my own so it makes my evenings a lot nicer.
    I have more pals in the UK and worldwide and its instant emails .

    My house phone is never used --its for the computer mainly apart from having a mobile phone aswell.

    Norton Internet Security is the one to get anti virus and a firewall. It even stopped AOL once :lol: :lol: cos they were attempting a privacy invasion!!
  9. With the phone I have broadband and the "splitter" so I can use phone and pc at the same time , cheaper too. I've also got a good ISP who is much more user friendly than the big guys who rip you off and treat you like crap. Yes I'm on my own too and the pc is priceless. Looking forward to the delights of Vista now and from what I've read it looks good. AOL from what I've heard bad news.
  10. Ive found that with a Webcam and Skype i can chat to my mates have a drink or two with them and its almost like being in a pub, i find it useful and its free.
  11. Yes the web cam is incredible and all for free as you say. Audio/video and all the bells and whistles what more can you ask for. Don't know if some enterprising webbie has turned out cyber-crib but that would be a good un for old salts. No end to all the tech stuff it seems, love it,


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