Computer Biffs R Us

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by wet_blobby, Nov 20, 2007.

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  1. wet_blobby

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  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I reckon all those illigal immigrants employed by the home office were guarding them.
  4. It does say that only some of the population happens to be affected and they are making enquiries into what happened. I can rest easy then?

    I am totally reassured as to the competence of 'bodies' using, holding and processing my details. I have total faith that no errors will occur.
    OurStrong, decisive, and forward thinking managers are totally capable and deserve the salaries they are awarded.

  5. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    This governments record with computers is as good as Gordon Browns at sporting matches.

    Only some of the population effected......the ones with kids at a guess? The revenue is hopeless at the moment, utterly shite. This "big merge" just hasn't worked. Phoning them up with a querie is a waste of time, they dont know the answer, because for the past 10 years they've been doing customs work and have suddenly found themselves sorting out mundane VAT enquiries.

    The whole dept is crap, at least the bloke at the top had the honour to do the right thing, some politicians should take note.
  6. When I was a charity secretary (sparetime) one of my responsibilities was registration under the Data Protection Acts and for compliance within our organisation. Distributing data should not be the responsibility of junior officials but of someone with at least the rank of Executive Office. It is a criminal offence to make data, either deliberately or through negligence (which is no defence under the Act), available to unauthorised persons. The Data Compliance Officer of the Department is ultimately responsible for enforcement. If they haven't done their job properly, or advice given by them has been ignored, the negligent person should face criminal prosecution. Whether they will, is of course, another matter.
  7. I expect that those who drip about scroungers and the 'compensation culture' in the UK (and elsewhere) will just say it serves them right ...
  8. Now all 25 Million, NatInsurance numbers, child benefit numbers, names addresses bank account details are compromised and NatIns Numbers can not be changed

    Then there is only one solution left for the Government, and that is to urgently introduce Identity Cards as a precaution :)

    Ho ho ho and it is not even Crimbo yet

    Jack McHammocklashing RO9
  9. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Makes you even more happy to hand over your details everytime you leave the country, or let someone into your house snooping to get or your details, never mind , at least the Police can be trusted with your credit card details....they must be, the MET trusts them with theirs....
  10. When one tots up the admin cockups that have floated to the surface during the life of this government it is quite clear the civil service is completely out of control. Discipline and following procedure appears to be non existant. I would lay this at the feet of ministers directly, if they at the top of the heep are not responsible when things go wrong why the h*ll should any one else bother either.

    This particular one is being passed off as an isolated c*ck up by a 'junior' member of staff, now that in plitico speak is just about any one not in the highest echelons of the service so let us know what rank the prat held. I would also suggest that if this method of transmission was used once it is used all the time, this is just the first reported case of it going wrong, and every day data is at risk, and probably still is.
  11. And I thought I was being sensible in shredding all the junk mail that had my name and address on. Doh

    Imagine the 500,000 or so that are going to have access to your most intimate health details on a system that, last I heard had cost £20billion plus and is at least three years late, and still doesn't work. Doh

    Sign up here for ID cards. Doh.
  12. The facts of the case (from what has been reported): a junior staff member at the HMRC posted 2 CDs from his office in the North East to the NAO in London using TNT as the courier. Said CDs didn't arrive.

    Why is no one questioning the integrity of TNT? Yes the staffer should probably have sent them by recorded delivery (although I've lost post sent that way too!) or even sent by hand courier. Was the envelope addressed correctly? Has the NAO awaited the statutory 28 days before declaring the item lost? (these questions might has been answered in the Press, but I really can't be ar*** to trawl through what is a small screw-up with potentially momumental repercussions (oh, to be a fly on the wall of that poor junior staffer's office - I'd get popcorn in to see that!).
  13. I think perhaps if it was all as minor as you suggest the head of the department may not have fallen on his sword quite as quickly, even if that was done in the hope that Darling would be allowed to keep his snout in the trough.

    It is far more fundamental than you suggest, it shows the endemic total disregard that the staff in that department have for the general public. It is no different to sending crypto material through the post second class. It shows a total disregard for basic data security in a department that handles all our personal data and all the countries companies commercial data. How much other data ihas been sent insecurely and are they still doing it. At the moment they are concentrating on the impact on 7.5 M families, but do they even know if they have lost other stuff. They seem to have an endemic disregard for data security and there is a real need to not only ensure that is fixed but also to find out what else they have lost.
  14. Just to add having just heard Cameron giving my MP a bit of a roasting at PMQs today that Revenue and Customs seem to have made rather a habit of losing/mislaying confidental data from companies and individuals over the past few years, though this is the biggest one so far.

    The real question is how many more breaches of our security will these self serving blood suckers be allowed to make before the system is sorted out.
  15. And more .... 'Legal sources state that the junior official at the heart of the scandal could end up facing criminal charges, including misconduct in public office, a common-law offence that (theoretically) carries a maximum sentence of life in jail'

    Does this remind anyone of a certain two (or is three ?) ministers who misconducted in public office but who still did not get/have not yet been charged?

    This 'Junior official' being junior will possibly be charged tout de suite to save the government's ass, whereas the bigger fish will survive to shaft the citizens yet another day.

  16. Equally he must have comitted in employment term 'gross misconduct' allowing his services to be dispensed with, has he been sacked yet.

    As i said earlier the fact it happened is indicative of a culture where the staff are more important than the job. It shows they have total disrespect for us who employ them and pay their wages and inflated pensions.
  17. Maybe the head of the HMRC is a more honourable man than either his Boss or the current head of the Met.

    But all the incident has proven is that 1 person made a mistake. Yes it is a HUGE mistake, but was one person who posted the disks. The questions that should be being asked include: was the guy properly trained to do the job? Was the proper procedure being followed? If these are answered "yes", then there is a problem with the person. If either of the questions is answered "no" then there is a problem with the department. So far as anyone can tell, this was one person making one ignoble mistake.

    But why hasn't anyone asked why TNT can't deliver a simple addressed letter?
  18. As I pointed out in another post this is not an isolated incident, it would appear that HMRC has been at this particular game for years. Now if all incidents were the one chap the fact they have failed to retrain or sack him is a major failure, or if all the incidents were different people then it is a sign of a deeper malaise.
  19. I agree, it's not looking good for Mr Darling. But this mess is not merely his to manage; he inherited this from his predecessor.
  20. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

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